Monitor descriptions in Debian 4.0

jeffry killen jekillen at
Sat Sep 13 19:14:46 PDT 2008

I purchased an LG 2252TQ* monitor today and am interested in
getting re acquainted with setting up monitor descriptions.
This is a wide screen monitory and It has been a while since
I worked with xFree86 and (on FreeBSD v 6 and 6.2).

*22" flat panel monitor.

In the monitor setup in KDE there is only one setting offered,
horizontal/vertical/horizontal freq/vertical freq.
1280 x 1024 79.976 75 are the specs from the user manual
but the screen in stretched horizontally

These specs are the recommended mode:
1680 x 1050 65.290 60

So, can anyone give me a pointer?

Thank you for guidance on this
Jeff K

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