screen size

David Griffith dgriffith at
Wed Sep 10 16:05:48 PDT 2008

>  If anyone knows of a way to tell the actual active screen size (in
>  dots, like maybe 1024x768, like that, I'm not sure of the right name
>  to give here), please give me a hint, ok?

My panning widget uses the WidthOfScreen and HeightOfScreen macros to 
get the current screen size in pixels. They're both Xlib functions.

They will return the current size of the root window, so if you're doing 
something funky like me and having big virtual screen and a panned 
viewport, you won't get the viewport size, just the size of the virtual 
screen the viewport's moving about on.

But if you're just flicking between actual screen resolutions and you 
can see your entire desktop at each resolution change, they should work 


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