Dual head PCI + Dual head AGP

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I didn't try different PCI slots but I'll give it try. There is another point I forgot to mention, I have a dual boot, winXP sp 2 and Ubuntu hardy 8.04. The cards are working together smoothly on winXP, so I don't think there is something in the motherboard or PCI slots. Can it be a conflict ? why there is no conflict on windows ?

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> I have 2 dual head matrox G450 cards, 1 PCI and 1 AGP. I have connected them and managed to make them work with 4 screens. The problem is the AGP card is working fine while the PCI is giving strange colors and lines. When I connect the PCI card alone, it is working fine. Also when I connect the AGP card alone, it also works fine. The problem arises when I connect both cards together. Any clue ?

Is the behavior the same no matter which PCI slot the card is in? How old is
the motherboard? If older, maybe this is a resource conflict problem, and
fiddling with ACPI and/or APIC would help.
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