XTest and multiple pointers

Florian Echtler floe at butterbrot.org
Tue Sep 9 02:24:48 PDT 2008

Hello everybody,

we're currently trying to control multiple X pointers through XTest.
Moving them using XTestFakeDeviceMotionEvent works as expected; however,
sending a button event using XTestFakeDeviceButtonEvent doesn't.

In fact, the test program from [1] segfaults in XNextEvent
(xorg/lib/libX11/src/NextEvent.c, line 51). qelt (and therefore
dpy->head) doesn't point anywhere sensible, so is this perhaps an
internal bug?

Or can anybody give us a hint on what other methods to control the
extension pointers from an userspace program exist?

[1] http://wearables.unisa.edu.au/mpx/?q=xi2_sample

Many thanks, Yours, Florian
0666 - Filemode of the Beast

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