intel: blue screen of death after logout

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak mjc at
Mon Sep 8 18:24:56 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I have an HP DC7700 with an ADD2/DVI card driving a 1600x1200 NEC 
Multisync monitor, using the stock Fedora 9 intel driver.

Sometimes, after logging out of a Fedora 9 gnome session, the screen 
goes all blue. Bringing up a text session (Ctrl+F1) works OK, but X will 
not run properly after hitting Ctrl+F7 or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. Restarting 
the computer is the only solution for clearing the blue screen in X.

I haven't found any useful log messages. It is an erratic problem.

Has anyone else seen this? It's really annoying!

Swapping ADD2 cards made no difference. Swapping monitors made no 

Installing xorg* rawhide didn't work at all, too raw I guess...

- Mike

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