How to disable RandR

Tino Keitel tino.keitel+xorg at
Mon Sep 8 17:00:10 PDT 2008


I try to get dualhead working with a driver that doesn't seem to
support RandR 1.2 together with the intel driver.

I was told that this doesn't work. In my case, I get a server crash
when the intel driver tries to initialize RandR:

(II) intel(0): RandR 1.2 enabled, ignore the following RandR disabled

0: X(xf86SigHandler+0x81) [0x80c82f1]
1: [0xffffe400]
2: X(xf86RandR12SetRotations+0x6b) [0x80fc8fb]
3: X(xf86CrtcScreenInit+0x9e) [0x80f8b3e]
4: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers// [0xb7d039ec]
5: X(AddScreen+0x1fc) [0x80764ec]
6: X(InitOutput+0x21e) [0x80a7dbe]
7: X(main+0x28b) [0x8076c6b]
8: /lib/i686/cmov/ [0xb7ec2455]
9: X(FontFileCompleteXLFD+0x1e1) [0x80761e1]

I tried to disable RandR with a serverflags section, which doesn't seem
to be enough. This is from the same server log:

(**) Option "RandR" "false"

How can I get the intel driver to skip the RandR stuff?


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