Pseudo-root extension?

Matthew Tippett tippettm at
Mon Sep 8 09:06:51 PDT 2008

Hi Adam,

I am not sure if you are aware, but the European automakers tend to
use multiple heads across multiple ASICs to do visualization.  They
can do better load balancing in SW before talking to an X head than
what they feel the X server and driversl do.

I assume want these guys to be able to move to RHEL 6

Regards... Matthew

On 9/8/08, Adam Jackson <ajax at> wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-09-07 at 21:52 +1000, grai wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is Keith Packard's (out-of-date?) pseudo-root extension freely
>> available somewhere?
> Not that I'm aware of.
> I am seriously considering reimplementing it to satisfy the zaphod mode
> crazies.
> - ajax

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