[PATCH] Xorg modalias dump

Nathaniel McCallum nathaniel at natemccallum.com
Sat Sep 6 23:17:44 PDT 2008

Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
> I've always wondered how I could dump a table of all the hardware 
> supported by Xorg.  This can be useful for regression testing, 
> auto-detection, and other things.  Well, I've written a rudimentary 
> patch that implements such a feature.  Its not ready for inclusion, 
> but I thought I'd at least get some feedback.
> Basically, this patch adds a '-modalias' option to Xorg.  When Xorg is 
> run with this option, it dumps a modalias file (similar to what the 
> Linux kernel uses, except the drivers are Xorg drivers, not kernel 
> drivers).  It does this by loading every driver installed and 
> inspecting the new libpciaccess information.
> There are still some problems though (and I'd appreciate any advise on 
> how to solve them):
> 1. It crashes when the ati "umbrella" driver is installed, I'm not 
> sure why...
> 2. It seems to want to initialize the display (or something).  Could 
> someone help me move this option to earlier in the Xorg start-up 
> process so we don't have to mess with peoples' displays?
> 3. It of course only reports the information that drivers report.  If 
> the drivers don't support the new libpciaccess model or report 
> inaccurate data (*cough*NVIDIA*cough*) we will of course report no 
> data or inaccurate data, respectively.
> Anyway, patch is attached.  I'd love to hear some feedback. Thanks!
> Nathaniel McCallum
Ehm...  Please ignore the header on that patch.  ajax has nothing to do 
with this patch, its just an artefact from me merging it into the Fedora 
RPMs.  Oops! :)


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