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Thu Sep 4 12:35:17 PDT 2008

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Peter Hutterer wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 11:02:12PM -0400, Chuck Robey wrote:
>> I have it working, but since I had no least notion how to use those resolution
>> parameters, and all of my attempts to get scaling to work by playing with those
>> parameters failed, I used my own scaling transform immediately before I dispatch
>> my events.  
> dont. set up the valuator ranges correctly and the server will scale to screen
> coordinates for core events (Unless you're using some version of 1.4.0 which
> had that particular bug).
>> I have a bit more coding to do, I can see, I need to gen up an interface for the
>> on-tablet function-key areas (detection. selection, and configuration).  I have
>> likewise total confusion about the Proximity ... I saw other drivers implement
>> the events for it, though, so I did that too, but I don't see (onscreen) any
>> effects from those events (I wouldn't recognize them if they work or not).
> proximity events are a signal to clients that the device is - well, in
> proximity. there is no visible effect unless a client decides to render one.
>> I have only today figured out that you probably only want to dispatch valuator
>> events if the Proximity is on, figured out because I used my tablet, and
>> couldn't stand it without that.  Maybe that'll become an option.
> you don't dispatch valuator events.

Yeah, I couldn't at that point remember the correct name.  My tablet, which I
was using, was then dispatching all events (in and out of proximity, truly a
PITA), I needed my email to be quickest & easiest, so I was hoping you'd
understand that I had the name right in my code, just wrong in the email.  I'm
sorry if that confused things, my fault.  Thanks _extremely_ for the info about
the scaling, I'll work to get it working with valuator ranges.  I really hate to
kluge things when there IS a right way to go.

If my movement events respect the proximity, it's really a rather nice input
method.  The reason for all this bother is because the family of tablet from UC
Logic is by far the least expensive I could locate.  They're OEMed under so many
names, I can't begin to guess them all.

Soon as I figure out how other drivers do the function keys, so I can do my own
that way, I think it might be ready for release.  My tablet comes with a thick
plastic overlay with the function areas delimited ... I can figure _A_ way to
handle this, I want it to be _the_ way to do it, if I possibly can.  Been a lot
of learning to get this far, I surely am pleased to be here now.

 You dispatch pointer/proximity/key events,
> and the server does the valuator events for you (if necessary). And of course,
> only dispatch pointer events when you get data from the device.
> Cheers,
>   Peter

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