Removing shadows underneath windows when using xcompmgr

Joel Feiner jafeiner at
Wed Sep 3 19:48:39 PDT 2008

Well, I tried first to just draw the four sides of the shadow with four
different XRenderComposite() calls.  I was then going to proceed to use
that information to set a clip on the root window for drawing the shadow
(and returning to a single XRenderComposite() call, as before).

Then I tried creating a clip region that only includes the shadow space
of the window.  That seems to work, in a way, but for some reason, now
all the shadow edges are visible on top of all the windows.  So you see
these little ghost shadows all over the screen, even if the windows they
belong to are obscured.

I have attached a diff of what I have done to the current xcompmgr
source.  There are a lot of commented out parts where I have been trying
various things.  You* can ignore those.

*By "you", I mean anyone who happens to want to take a look at this, not
the parent in particular.

� wrote:
> Joel Feiner a �crit :
>> Has anybody tried to fix this bug/misfeature with any success?  Or
>> perhaps someone has some insight into how all the offset and scalings
>> work so that I can implement it myself.
> Maybe setting some clipping on the original window region before drawing
> the shadow? The code to do this seems to be be simpler than changing the
> shadow code.
> I think the relevant bits are around the XRenderComposite call on line 1051.
> Cheers
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