Problems with intel 945GME

Will Wagner will_wagner at
Wed Sep 3 09:24:52 PDT 2008

Answering all the posts at one :)

 > The logs look good now as the devices are disabled, but can you quantify
 > slow as the Xserver should come up in a matter of seconds ??

It takes ~12 seconds between each SDVO trace message.

 > The motherboard is claiming SDVO support but no capabilities that's
 > what's causing troubles.

Not knowing anything about SDVO other than what's on the wikipedia page can this be fixed 
with a BIOS update or is the hardware at fault. Any hint as to what I should say to the 
board vendor would be helpful.

 > It's probably worth contacting the vendor there, but the driver could be
 > hacked to remove the SDVO probing code to improve the startup time.

presumably the change would be in i830_svdo.c? Does this just involve nobbling the call to 
i830_sdvo_get_capabilities() in i830_sdvo_init()?

> Does your system have an SDVO board in the PCIE slot ??

It has a custom video capture board in the PCIE slot. however this board is not an SDVO 
board and I get the same problem even with the card unplugged.

Thanks for all your help.


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