Reg: AIGLX architecture & it's difference from DRI

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I was analyzing the Mesa code when i need to build Mesa for DRI using
make linux-dri.I find that there is some interface files e.g.
dri_interface.h using which client program &  links to
the actual 3D driver(vendor provided <hw>

But as there is no standard API defined for DRI ( e.g. creating
context/drawable etc), so my question is whoever (vendor) implements
their OpenGL implementation for DRI/DRM will they be Mesa
compliant?Otherwise, if my program already links to Mesa, then can i use
vendor's provided OR, i have to replace Mesa with the
vendor provided <hw>


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On Mon, Sep 01, 2008 at 02:10:40PM +0530, Rahaman wrote:
> 1>If some one( a vendor) gives me only the OpenGL driver(no DRI/DRM
> functionality) implementation, can i use that and build my DRI/DRM
> modules i.e. Can i write my own & and still use the vendor
> provided OpenGL? Excuse me as some of my questions can be abstarct or
> some cases invalid,too as i am new to this area :-(

If you have the source, then yes, you can write a DRI/DRM driver
yourself, given enough time.  If you don't have the source, then no.

> 3>Can i get a comparison like pros & cons for both the architecture in
> different context/use cases?

Direct: fast.  Indirect: slow.

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