How to have no mouse on a second screen

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On Sat, 29 Mar 2008 19:49:19 +0100
Gilbert Brisset <gilbert.brisset at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am developping a GUI under Java/Eclipse/Rich Client Platform on a 
> Linux Fedora host.
> There is two displays :
> - a standard 1600x1200 LCD display which holds the main GUI and is
> used by the operator
> - a Tv display connected to the analog Svideo output of the graphic
> card (Nvidia). This Tv displays a video that is overlayed by text and 
> reticles drawn by the Java RCP application. The Tv is outside and is
> not seen by the operator.
> I use the closed source nvidia driver.
> I have configured the xorg.conf file with Xinerama.
> All works fine and I have the GUI on the LCD and the video with text
> and reticles on the Tv.
> The problem is that the mouse cursor can go on the Tv display and, in 
> this case, the operator loses its cursor and no longer knows where it
> is.
> There should be one solution :
> configure the xorg.conf file with two server-layouts :
> - one with the LCD display and the mouse
> - an other with the Tv display with no mouse
> then go in the window manager configuration file (for Fedora it is
> Gnome and I have to modify the gdm/custom.conf file)
> and declare the two server-layout.
> This works and builds two X displays :0.0 and :0.1
> But Java/RCP is not able in one application to access to two displays.
Well, you could always split you app in two and use some IPC.

> So the question is :
> Is it possible to configure the X system to disable the mouse on the 
> second screen ?
I guess it would be the job of the window manager to confine the mouse
to a certain area. However, I'm not aware of any WM that could be
configured the way you need it. But maybe you'll find one, that can.

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