Loading Xinerama extension in ScreenInit() causes gdm to crash

Vinay Reddy vinayvinay at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 16:24:16 PDT 2008

VMware's video driver (xf86-video-vmware) uses a couple of extensions
(VMWARE_CTRL and PANORAMIX_PROTOCOL_NAME) and these extensions are
currently being loaded in the PreInit() section of the driver. But, if
the Xserver is not made to restart when a user logs off, these
extensions are unloaded, but not loaded again. So I tried moving these
to the ScreenInit() part of the driver. Although VMWARE_CTRL loads and
works fine, if I try to load PANORAMIX in ScreenInit(), gdm seems to
crash later on. The last thing I see in the X log is that the mouse
was enabled. There are no errors that I could see. The surprising
thing is that xinit seems to work just fine, so it makes me wonder if
this is gdm related...

I'd appreciate any insights or pointers on this issue.


PS: The X log file when gdm fails to start is attached.
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