[patch] Re: HAL and hotplugging

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at arcor.de
Tue Mar 25 06:11:17 PDT 2008


Am Mittwoch 19 März 2008 05:31:03 schrieb Dustin Spicuzza:
> Has anyone looked at this yet? It fixed the problems that were
> previously mentioned, and I've been running it with my touchscreen since
> Sunday, no issues yet.
There is a memory allocation error in your patch for the legacy xkb option 

tmp_val = get_prop_string(hal_ctx, udi, psi_key);
if (tmp_val){
  tmp_key = xalloc(strlen(tmp_val) + 5); /* add "xkb_" + NULL */

Shouldn't that be 
  tmp_key = xalloc(strlen(psi_key) - ( sizeof(LIBHAL_XKB_PROP_KEY) - 1) + 5);

However, I think about testing and pushing this patch to master later on 

- Sascha
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