Google Summer of Code 2008, Call for Mentors

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at
Sun Mar 23 10:17:19 PDT 2008

Hi Marc,

I'd be willing to mentor someone who wants to work on Mac OSX or  
rootless related issues.  I'm currently a graduate student at UC  
Berkeley in Computer Science Education with an emphasis in New Media.   
I have about 8 years of teaching experience, but only about 3 months  
experience working on X11.  This X11 work has been restricted to OS-X  
issues (hence why I don't think I'd feel comfortable mentoring someone  
working outside of Xquartz because I don't know too much about that  


On Mar 19, 2008, at 06:31, Marc Balmer wrote:
> == The X.Org Foundation Is Looking for Project Mentors During Google
> Summer of Code 2008 ==
> As you may have heard, the X.Org foundation in 2008 again takes
> part in Google's Summer of Code program to allow students to work
> on X11.
> GSoC students need experienced X11 developers as mentors, who can
> work with them to make sure their projects are of the right size
> and scope and the students finish their project with success.  And
> they sometimes need a little poking to deliver their results and
> reports timely and properly.
> We are looking for personalities that not only know how to fire up
> and editor, compiler and debugger, but that also have strong personal
> skills and can supervise a student during a several month long
> period. It's a dream job you won't find in any company: Be a manager
> and still able to work on low-level technical stuff.
> Besides mentoring the student and helping him or her to be on track,
> you will regularely report the project status to me, so I can
> supervise all projects and make sure they all are successful.
> If you think you are the right person for mentoring a project, then
> please get in contact with me and tell me a bit about yourself,
> your education, and if you have, any teaching or project management
> experience.  And most important: Why you think you are the right
> person to the job.
> The X.Org GSoC 2008 can be a successful experience for all  
> participants
> if we have good mentors, motivated students and an overall good
> spirit.
> Marc Balmer
> Administrator for X.Org Google Summer of Code Projects
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