xaw_use_xprint and XAW_CHECK_XPRINT_SUPPORT auto detected

pcpa at mandriva.com.br pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Sat Mar 22 14:32:48 PDT 2008

Quoting "Jeremy C. Reed" <reed at reedmedia.net>:

> lib/libXaw/xaw.m4 provides:
>  "If neither --enable-xprint nor --disable-xprint are given, the presence
>  of an Xaw with Xprint support will be auto detected."
> Is that auto-detection necessary?
> It makes inconsistent builds of xman and xlogo for example. Those are the
> two I have learned problems about, but now I see many apps use it.
> If it detects, then it adds additional dependencies: xprintutil and xp.
> I think that it should be enabled or disabled but not auto-detected.
> What are other packagers doing for this -- explicitely defining
> --disable-xprint?
> As for "auto-detection" of features -- what other examples does Xorg have
> of this -- and when is it acceptable and not acceptable?

  Maybe it should check xorg-server.h or something else that
is generated after the server is compiled, but this would cause a
cyclic dependency if building xorgcfg [1]. Or just default to not
use it, as only changing xaw.m4 should be required.

  I think only xmore (and the xprint utility/test tools) will not
work if xprint is not enabled.

  Personally, I don't like to see a large amount of work, like
xprint, being just throwed away... But I think very few, if any,
distros are building the X Server with xprint enabled, maybe it
should have something like cups or newer toolkits, qt and gtk

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[1] Currently xorgcfg, could be an external tool, as it's interface
to load modules and check the supported hardware and available
options has been disabled for a long time, but maybe it could
be rebuilt to work with libpciaccess and with proper maintenaince,
work as an external tool.


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