Intel G35 with HDMI Video AND audio

Rajesh Krishna Balan rajesh at
Fri Mar 21 18:40:34 PDT 2008

actually, you can get sound through the hdmi interface on the P5E-VM-HDMI.

you will need the latest alsa drivers though (version 1.0.16 or the 
latest hg sources). install them, and then use alsamixer and unmute the
"IEC 958 1" device. that is the HDMI output device. To just send audio 
over the optical or co-axial output, you need to unmute the "IEC 958" 
device. you can do that already without upgrading the alsa driver. the 
upgrade just gives you the HDMI output device as well.

unfortunately, I have encountered this specific bug which I suspect will 
not be resolved until the modesetting things that Keith mentions gets 

let me know whether this bug affects you as well.


Chad wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Keith Packard <keithp at> wrote:
>>  Yeah, it shouldn't work at all at this point. Unfortunately, the
>>  SDVO/HDMI documents are not public, so I can't even encourage you to go
>>  try and make this work yourself.
> :(
>>  For now, please enjoy the lovely analog audio output on your motherboard
>>  and we'll work to get the HDMI audio going once we've moved modesetting
>>  to the kernel and can integrate that with the audio driver a bit more
>>  easily.
>>  --
>>  keith.packard at
> Thanks for the info!  The board does have an onboard digital Coax out,
> so I can get some audio off using that (hopefully, I actually haven't
> tried yet, but that's not a problem for Xorg in either case ;) ).
> Thanks for the great work so far!
> -Chad
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