[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel

Zhenyu Wang zhenyu.z.wang at intel.com
Wed Mar 19 19:51:11 PDT 2008

Here's the first rc for xf86-video-intel 2.3 release. The most noteable
thing is xvmc branch got merged, and it currently supports XvMC MC hardware
decode on 915/945/G33 chipsets(i965 hardware decode is still under work,
and would be in next release though). And we have also fixed several Xv
relate issues, and with bunch of bug fixes as usual.

Please test for any regressions, and send feedback to us. Thanks!


Dave Airlie (2):
      fixup pciaccess version detect
      quirk: add DVO ivch quirk

Eric Anholt (13):
      Add detail on different units to intel_idle.
      Add a little program to output the stepping information for several chipsets.
      Fix SDVO I2C access on Mac Mini in EFI mode.
      Avoid setting reserved bits in SDVOx on everything 965-class.
      Add support for brightness control to i915 textured video output.
      Cleanse DVO drivers of CARD* types.
      Remove i830+ driver's use of CARD*/INT* types for great justice.
      Nuke more CARD* types from i810 driver.  Untested.
      Separate i810 and i830 ring macros out into separate files.
      Eliminate local variables defined in i830 BEGIN_LP_RING().
      Add workarounds for 830/845's lack of a8/x8r8g8b8/x8b8g8r8 support.
      Remove h0h0 UploadToScreen implementation that used pattern blits.
      Change OUT_RING and similar calls to OUT_BATCH for batchbuffer merge

Hong Liu (7):
      Fix pixmap offset
      Bug 10773: fix i8xx pll p2 value in i830_crtc_clock_get()
      Bug 10584: Mac Mini EDID data assigned to TMDS output
      Allow non-strict free order for bo_list
      Fix PLL reference clk debug dump
      Fix DPLL programming in CRTC mode set
      Fix rotation mem with kernel memory manager in VT switch

Jesse Barnes (25):
      Frame buffer compression support on new chipset
      Program FBC fence offset register
      Only enable FBC if one pipe is active
      Fix build warnings on 64 bit
      Only disable FBC if registers are available
      Add CACHE_MODE_0 register to dump output
      Fix DSP*CNTR restoration
      Remove side effects from VGA debug code
      Add pipe A force enable quirk for ThinkPad X40
      Add quirk for DVO channel selection
      Change FBC idle mode back to default
      Refactor memory allocation into a separate function
      Move MTRR fixup to its own routine
      Account for FBC LL cache in memory reservation
      Pull chipset detection out of PreInit into its own function
      Implement new get_property feature for backlight control
      Enable hardware overlay on 965
      Add pipe A force enable quirk for Dell Latitude D500
      Add pipe A force enable quirk for Toshiba Portege R205-S209
      Add pipe A force quirk for Thinkpad R31
      Add stdint.h to i830_bios.h
      Add stdint.h to DVO drivers
      Add sysfs backlight support for Fujitsu laptops
      Remove fbc enable/disable messages
      Add support for new ->get_crtc output callbacks

Julien Cristau (2):
      Look for src/{modes,parser} in $srcdir, not in objdir
      Add i8[13]0_ring.h to _SOURCES to fix distcheck

Keith Packard (6):
      Add intel_idle to measure GPU load ratio.
      8xx/9xx can handle textures to 2kx2k. 965 can do 8kx8k
      Add defines for 9xx S3 word in 3D_STATE_LOAD_STATE_IMMEDIATE
      Add i830_transform_is_affine and i830_get_transformed_coordinates_3d.
      Handle projective transforms on 9xx for Composite.

Kristian Høgsberg (2):
      Silence warnings about possible uninitialize use of dst_format.
      Crack down on warnings.

Mark Kettenis (2):
      Bug #14246: Fix biuld on OpenBSD.
      Bug #14649: Fix build if pciaccess headers are not with other xorg headers.

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      Makefile.am: nuke RCS Id

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (2):
      Make sure symbols used by other modules are public.
      Compile warning fixes.

Peng Li (1):
      HP Compaq 6730s has no TV output

Xiang, Haihao (13):
      enable XvMC for i915
      fix some bugs
      fix some bugs
      Release resource allocated for surface/subpicture
      fix some bugs
      fix a bug related to display surface
      1. The pitches for y/u/v surfaces are 1024bytes aligned.
      block some signals within critical section to avoid
      add copyright
      move i830_allocate_xvmc_buffer out of  #if/#endif
      lock display when creating context
      don't initialize XvMC if xv is disabled.
      only enable xvmc for 915/945/G33

Zhenyu Wang (72):
      code cleanups
      remove xvmc attributes
      explicit say "unsigned int"
      I missed to remove port attributes wrapper
      check early if we have slot left for new context or surface
      disable subpicture initial
      Add media state definition on i965
      Create xvmc driver interface
      comment out i965_xvmc_driver for now
      fix i915 xvmc devPrivate reference
      clean up err report
      Log xvmc driver name
      Revert to origin xvmc setup steps
      clean up old i915 xvmc function declare
      rename xvmc init function names
      Temp work around ttm allocation for xvmc, which should be fixed later.
      move some definition out of i915 specific header
      use field name to initialize i915 xvmc driver
      split xvmc user lib chipset drivers
      revert xvmc memory allocation hacks
      add missing license header for new files
      fix xvmc return values
      Fix DRI context creation for XvMC
      try to move some fields to xvmc driver structure
      xvmc: attempt to move batch buffer code out of i915 private
      xvmc: take out batch buffer handling code
      xvmc: move batch buffer init/fini to intel_batchbuffer.c
      xvmc: oops, should first map batch buffer before init
      xvmc: move locking code into generic place
      xvmc: some code clean up
      xvmc: i915 rename files
      xvmc: remove unused SAREAPTR macro
      xvmc: intel_xvmc.c cleanups
      xvmc: more i915 xvmc cleanups
      xvmc: remove i915 drm map type
      xvmc: clean batch buffer finish
      xvmc: move some i915 context destroy code to generic function
      xvmc: add xvmc decoder type string
      xvmc: move batch buffer init/fini code into generic
      xvmc: add "XvMC" option, default is false.
      xvmc: move dri context handling to generic code
      xvmc: handle surface create/destory in generic code
      xvmc: add disable xvmc build support
      xvmc: store XvMCContext pointer instead of context_id in internal ctx list
      xvmc: consolidate put surface interfaces
      xvmc: make XvMC default on
      xvmc: add info in intel.man
      xvmc: move drmOpen earlier
      xvmc: add context id info in debug/trace
      xvmc: setup driver info for XvMCGetDRInfo request
      Wrap up chipsets which needs graphics address for status page
      hardware status page initialization rework
      Don't crash if SW cursor
      Fix last commit on i8xx debug p2 value
      Bug #14440: fix stolen mem size mask on i830M
      Add DMI info for i830 quirks
      Fix Lenovo X60 TV quirk
      Fix last 8XX clock's p2 value commit
      Don't leak memory if no DMI info is provided by kernel
      Fix overlay rotation
      Bug 14591: comment out MI_DISPLAY_POWER_DOWN as for 965GM only
      Really print adjusted_mode for mode debug
      No ring, no sync
      remove extra dri checking
      disable memory alloc debug
      Pass default visual in dri context create
      Always bind memory after agp aperture allocation
      remove unused init/fini hooks for xvmc driver
      nuke unneed error_base and event_base
      bug 15060: Dell Latitude X300 needs pipe A quirk
      Disable XvMC if DRI is not enabled.
      Bump version

liuhong (1):
      xf86-video-intel: fix ivch using wrong dvo register

root (3):
      1. using batch buffer
      a fix for 945G/945GM
      1. clean code

git tag: xf86-video-intel-

MD5: 0ef9cba695fdfa50002894f863f4a60c  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: c0d3a3dffabd02f41d2de834c62b5a259302f43e  xf86-video-intel-

MD5: bea6899b89de88873baae08f33b5d70f  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: 62a301ef95cf80ba3faf17da4f7c444cd8e3d20a  xf86-video-intel-

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