The X.Org Google Summer of Code 2008

Marc Balmer marc at
Wed Mar 19 12:11:24 PDT 2008

== The X.Org Foundation Is Looking Students and Projects for Google
Summer of Code 2008 ==

As you may have heard, the X.Org foundation in 2008 again takes
part in Google's Summer of Code program to allow students to work
on X.

If you want to take this exciting opportunity to work on an X.Org
related project and get funding from Google, now is the time to
act and send us your project proposal.

Some ideas and some lightweight guidelines can be found in the
X.Org Wiki at

As a GSoC student you will be mentored by experienced X developers
who can work with you to make sure your project is of the right size
and scope and that you finish your project with success.

Of course, once you finish your project, we will make sure that
you keep in touch with the X.Org developers - and that you
eventually become one yourself!

If you have any questions regarding your project, X.Org or
whatsoever, just contact me.  Besides Email, I try to be
frequently online on #gsoc and #xorg on as mbalmer.

Marc Balmer
(Administrator for X.Org Google Summer of Code Projects)

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