Google Summer of Code 2008, Call for Mentors

Marc Balmer marc at
Wed Mar 19 07:22:35 PDT 2008

== The X.Org Foundation Is Looking for Project Mentors During Google
Summer of Code 2008 ==

As you may have heard, the X.Org foundation in 2008 again takes
part in Google's Summer of Code program to allow students to work
on X11.

GSoC students need experienced X11 developers as mentors, who can
work with them to make sure their projects are of the right size
and scope and the students finish their project with success.  And
they sometimes need a little poking to deliver their results and
reports timely and properly.

We are looking for personalities that not only know how to fire up
and editor, compiler and debugger, but that also have strong personal
skills and can supervise a student during a several month long
period. It's a dream job you won't find in any company: Be a manager
and still able to work on low-level technical stuff.

Besides mentoring the student and helping him or her to be on track,
you will regularely report the project status to me, so I can
supervise all projects and make sure they all are successful.

If you think you are the right person for mentoring a project, then
please get in contact with me and tell me a bit about yourself,
your education, and if you have, any teaching or project management
experience.  And most important: Why you think you are the right
person to the job.

The X.Org GSoC 2008 can be a successful experience for all participants
if we have good mentors, motivated students and an overall good

Marc Balmer
Administrator for X.Org Google Summer of Code Projects

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