Native win32 port of libX11 using MinGW - help pls

Jeetu Golani jeetu.golani at
Thu Mar 13 18:18:49 PDT 2008


Thanks for responding at a hairs end trying to figure this out

>>Do you know


Anders from what I understand this is a java X-server.....what i need
is the client library. I'd also not prefer Java nor Cygwin for that
matter because of speed. I'd like native code and I know it's been
done before - probably in Release 6.9.0.

>>Have you checked out Xming?


Jamie - yes, again this is an Xserver.....i don't think it has Xlib
which is required only by clients from what i understand.....also the
maintained of this project used to be Alexander Gottwald who in the
end of 2004 has mentioned that he's added mingw support to
libX11.....its just that I can't seem to find probably got
taken off during the autoconf migration later or something like that.

As I said earlier.....I've made a test Xclient and tried compiling the
C source files and statically linking the object files to it. The code
works....however it doesn't function perfectly - will work on some
xservers and won't on others.....I'm guessing all of that is because I
do have any defines put in (the execution code path isn't
optimal)........but this proves that the code itself runs under
win32....just got to figure out the build environment.

Would appreciate any pointers.

Bye for now

On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 2:27 AM, Jamie Guinan <guinan at> wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, Jeetu Golani wrote:
>  > Hi everyone,
>  >
>  >  I've been trying to port libX11 to win32 since I'd like to have
>  >  xclients running natively under windows. I'd prefer not using Cygwin
>  >  and to have this native.
>  Have you checked out Xming?
>  Regards,
>  -Jamie

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