HAL and hotplugging

Dustin Spicuzza dustin at virtualroadside.com
Thu Mar 13 16:29:27 PDT 2008

Adam Jackson wrote:
> I'm not sure you can match against the UDI.  I think this is even
> intentional, since the UDI could in principle change between OSes or HAL
> releases or whatever.
> You should probably match against input.product instead.
Crap.. you're right. Of course, the company name shows up in the 
input.product field, which is why I originally didn't match against it. 
Go figure... stupid cheap hardware. Actually, looking at it.. I bet you 
can match against "info.udi" though... *checks*, yep, you can.. crap. Oops.

Ok.. so THAT works... now it shows up in the xorg logfile. Of course, 
now I get the error "(EE) xf86OpenSerial: No Device specified.". Time to 
go bug hunting.
> The hal config backend doesn't have any wiring for passing arbitrary
> options through.  I'm planning to fix this soon (although I'd be
> thrilled if someone beat me to it!).
Get ready for a race then, because I might do just that... I'll look at 
it and see how crazy it might be. First I suppose I should try and build 
my xorg stuff from git source first...
> My theory was something like:
> <match key="info.product" contains="Synaptics">
>     <merge key="input.synaptics.shmconfig" type="string">off</merge>
> </match>
> And then have config/hal.c match against input.<drivername> or
> video.<drivername> and bounce the options through.  Sound sane?
> - ajax
That sounds sane...  though annoying, since it implies that the option 
is specific to that driver (which, maybe it is, but sometimes the same 
options are used across drivers, right?). Why not use a key of 
"x11_options" or "xorg_conf_options" using a string list (a la 
info.capabilities), so that its more generic and easier to pick out from 
examples? It seems like it would be easier for someone to figure out 
that "oh, thats how I set the options I would normally put in xorg.conf".

Either way would probably take the same amount of effort to implement... 
and its not like you can use multiple drivers to talk to the same device 
(right?), so it would be ok.


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