tinderbox docs? (was Re: pciaccess conversion the revenge..)

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Wed Mar 12 19:20:54 PDT 2008

Quoting "Jeremy C. Reed" <reed at reedmedia.net>:

>> >  Anyway, if the X Server and modules keep changing api/abi, some
>> > method, tinderbox or whatever must be enforced. So that developers
>> > will at least know things are broken, and don't "carry" either
>> > unbuildable or "plain broken" system for so long.
>> http://tinderbox.x.org
> Can someone point us to the updated docs on this?

  This would be very helpfull.

> A few years ago I contributed to the tinderbox and I want to do it again.
> I found out-of-date http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/TinderboxWiki
> (linked from http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/xorg) that has (dead?)
> links to tinderbox.anholt.net. The tinderbox webpage refers to CVS (no
> mention of git), monolithic and modular, and no mention of JhAutoBuild.

  Everyone making commits should really know if the commit did break
something in the build.

  And this is even more important now that everything is modular,as in
a monolithic build someone would find that the build is broken very soon,
and currently it may be broken for very long before someone notices it.
  To make things worse, very few people runs git master, and compilable,
but broken code may also go undetected for a very long time.

  I also looked a bit at the tinderbox logs, and maybe it should also
be configurable to do builds with different configurations. I think it
just does a "./autogen.sh" or "./configure" without optionals.

  And I am not sure if it uses the installed files or what is already

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>  Jeremy C. Reed


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