[PATCH] OpenBSD support for libpciaccess

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Wed Mar 12 11:34:18 PDT 2008

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Mark Kettenis wrote:
| Here are the OpenBSD-specific bits for libpciaccess.  As discussed
| earlier on this list, there is a bit of a problem with xserver and
| libpciaccess both needing to open /dev/xf86, which can only be opened
| once.  I implemented pci_system_init_dev_mem() like Ian suggested.
| This requires some minor changes to the BSD-specific os-support code.
| Since pci_system_init_dev_mem() is a no-op on FreeBSD this should be
| no problem.  Here are the xserver bits (the libpciaccess bits folow
| below).


| Here are the libpciaccess bits.  OpenBSD needs <sys/types.h to be
| included before <sys/mman.h>.  This should be no problem on any
| POSIX-like system.  Also, the endian-ness conversion macros on OpenBSD
| are different than on FreeBSD.

I can't speak for the OpenBSD specific bits, but the rest of it looks
fine to me.  Go ahead and commit them.
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