X keeps freezing up

Gary and Pamela Morr morrgp at verizon.net
Tue Mar 11 17:27:25 PDT 2008

X has been freezing up on me for a very long time and I am unable to figure
out why.  It always freezes when I click on a menu button but seldom while
doing anything else (but it does not freeze up every time I click on a
button.  Sometimes I can use X for a long time and other times it will
freeze up quickly.  This usually happens while accessing the internet (which
is what I am doing the most) but will freeze up while using other apps as
well.  It does not matter what window manager I am using (KDE, Gnome, etc.)
or what web browser I am using.  It is a hard freeze-up, i.e. I have to push
the reset button and re-boot the computer.  Control-alt-Fn doesn't work.
Pushing the caps-lock key does not light the caps-lock light on the
keyboard.  Also, I always get a lot of:

X Error: BadWindow (invalid window parameter) 3
Major opcode: 20     (or 19, etc)
Minor opcode: 0
Resource id:  0x1a00005

Also with KDE I get a lot of "kio slave unable to write data" which may or
may not be related.

I have a Compaq with an i810 chipset running Slackware 12, KDE 3.5.7, and X
7.2.0, with the kernel.  I am prepared to post my xorg.conf and
kernel .config files if needed.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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