EFI- intel xorg-driver for Macbook

Peter Weber peterle at hottemptation.org
Tue Mar 11 11:40:09 PDT 2008


is there a xorg-driver for the X3100 in development, which really
support's EFI?

I am really frustrated due the bad support from Intel, for it's only
EFI-Technology! I don't want use the legacy-bios, because GNU/LINUX
fully supports EFI.

With imacfb I can use the framebuffer in the ttys1-6 which is enough for
me personally, because I use the shell for all standard jobs including
image-viewing with FBI and for multimedia MPLAYER.
But sometimes even a shell-fanboy want it's X11 with OpenGL-Acceleration
for a round Quake3 or Urban-Terror :-(

So, what is planned?


PS: I don't use rEFIt, because there is no technically reason (necessary
only with Windows...) since ELILO, EFI-BOOTMGR, GNU-EFI and LINUX
support EFI perfectly.

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