input devices and hotplugging

Dustin Spicuzza dustin at
Mon Mar 10 18:26:36 PDT 2008

Daniel Stone wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 09, 2008 at 10:52:47PM -0400, Dustin Spicuzza wrote:
>> So.. I've been going though the code for evtouch and other input 
>> devices, and I'm still not clear about how one would go about making 
>> hotplugging work.
>> The only way I can think of fixing (a) is a nasty hack: have the driver 
>> pretend to initialize anyways and wait for the device to come up, and 
>> then do normal things when it actually comes up. Is there a better way 
>> to accomplish this?
>> If I could somehow send DEVICE_ON and DEVICE_OFF signals to the driver 
>> using udev, then I'm pretty sure I could solve (b). However, I'm not 
>> sure how to send the signals (if thats the right term) to the driver... 
>> though its probably also a hack, its a hack I could live with for 
>> myself. :)
>> Any thoughts/suggestions/pointers are appreciated, thanks!
> Hi,
> Hotplugging isn't a driver concern, really.  If you have server 1.4, you
> get hotplugging notifications via HAL, so you just need to hack the FDI
> file to make it load evtouch and not evdev when you plug your tablet in.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
Ok, I was looking into this a bit... any thoughts on how one goes about 
doing this? The documentation seems sparse at the moment, and the Wiki 
is filled with proposals, but no implementation details as far as I can 
see. If you could point me to something, I can probably figure it out...


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