how to disable gathering Display dimensions in xorg 7.3

Alek Uritsky auritsky at
Mon Mar 10 08:09:24 PDT 2008

I can manually change the font size on a specific display and make it look 

My problem is this:

my application is running on many linux boxes with displays of different 
sizes used.

I cannot know in advance what display size is used and I cannot come to 
every location and adjust it manually. I understand that new Xorg is doing a 
better job in adjusting fonts to the actual display size. Here is my 
question: how would the creators of the new Xorg approach the problem that I 
face, which is making fonts looking proper without knowing the display size 
in advance? Maybe there is a way in Xorg.conf to disable this new feature 
and revert back to that random size that worked fine in old Xorg?

many thanks

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Le vendredi 07 mars 2008 à 15:53 -0500, Alek Uritsky a écrit :
> Hello,
> I have upgraded to Fedora 8 and now xorg is automatically adjusting
> fonts which results in the small fonts on my GUI program when played
> on big display.

Nex xorg (when it actually fetches the correct displaysize) is producing
fonts with correct size (as opposed to random size as before, which may
have suited you but was random nevertheless)

If you want small fonts configure small font sizes in the font dialogs
(as in ~ 8 pt)
If you want big fonts configure big font sizes in yout font dialogs (as
in ~ 14pt)

If you app is not able to configure font size but relied on users
misconfiguring X to change the font sizes meanings complain to the app

Nicolas Mailhot

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