xserver-xorg-input-evdev eats my eject key

John Hughes john at Calva.COM
Mon Mar 10 07:21:30 PDT 2008

James Cloos wrote:
>>>>>> "John" == John Hughes <john at Calva.COM> writes:
> John> So it seems the best thing would be to teach sony-laptop not to
> John> use keycodes > 255 (Like maybe it should be producing KEY_EJECTCD
> John> when I press the button with a nice "eject CD" label.
> That can also be done at the user level with the setkeycodes(8) utility.
> The man page explains the details; use 161 for KEY_EJECTCD.
And how to I tell setkeycodes which keyboard to map?  I want to remap
scancode 0x14 on my Vaio buttons, not either of the other two keyboards
I have plugged in.

The HAL solution works for me.

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