evdev is horrible and I can't get rid of it

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at arcor.de
Mon Mar 10 02:59:51 PDT 2008


> I update to evdev-1.2-branch and one more problem happens at this
> branch, stops with stick key when I press down or left. Cursors stops
> moving if I stick one of this two keys.
I made some changes to evdev-1.2 regarding autorepeat. evdev-1.2 does not do 
any autorepeat anymore but let's xorg-server do softrepeat instead. Before my 
changes, xorg-server AND the input module autorepeated keys. AFAIK evdev-2.0 
let the kernel autorepeat pass again.

There was a bug in xorg-server that the autoRepeats map from the keyboard was 
not copied to the core keyboard, so instead of an evdev map the kbd map was 
used, in which Left and Down are modifiers, so not autorepeated. Daniel Stone 
was working on that but I don't know if it's fixed in master. 

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