Strange nouveau/nv/cairo bug

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn d.jacobfeuerborn at
Sun Mar 9 14:18:11 PDT 2008

A while ago I filed a mozilla bug about resized images being displayed as 
completely black in Firefox 3 when using the nv driver. After I switched to 
the proprietary nvidia driver the problem disappeared. Now I switched to 
the nouveau driver in Fedora Rawhide and the problem is back.

I'm not sure where to file a bug about this. I don't see the same problem 
with Firefox 2 which leads me to believe that cairo has something to do 
with this. On the other hand this doesn't happen with the proprietary 
driver in Firefox 3 which points towards the nv/nouveau drivers. It's looks 
like both cairo and the drivers play a role here.

Should I file this as a nv, nouveau or cairo bug?

Here is the original bug for Firefox:

Here is a page exhibiting the problem:

The two images in the page show up as completely black. Selecting "View 
image" from the context menu displays them in their original size and 
prefectly fine.

There is also a poppler bug that sounds like it has to do with this:


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