joystick input driver odd button mapping

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at
Sat Mar 8 15:39:42 PST 2008


> Is there a way to remap joystick buttons?
There is. Put a line like
	Option	"MapButton2"	"button=1"
to map joystick button number 2 to the left mouse button (=1). 

If that does not help; what version of the driver are you using?

> I think fire button 1 is currently right click and I'd like it
> to be left click. To my logic, this is not a good default setting and I
> propose this as default: mapping of fire buttons to mouse clicks
The default mapping already is:
1. Joystick button -> 1. Mouse button (left click)
2. Joystick button -> 2. Mouse button (middle click)
3. Joystick button -> 3. Mouse button (right click)

The driver does not know anything about the physical order of the button, so 
that looks fine to me. 

You might set
	Option "DebugLevel" "integer"
to find out which physical button does what and read "man joystick" to find 
out how to remap the buttons.

> Best regards, Davor
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