[ANNOUNCE] xtrans 1.1

Mark Kettenis mark.kettenis at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 8 04:37:14 PST 2008

> Ben Byer (5):
>      suppress warning about socket directory ownership on OS X
>      changes to support launchd on OS X
>      removed cvs tags
>      Fix for incorrect processing of recycled launchd socket on OS X
>      make launchd error messages less scary
> Dodji Seketeli (2):
>      libxtrans: fix linux compilation breakage
>      libxtrans: fixed a typo in my last commit

Hi Adam,

Did you see PR 14768?  The Mac OS X launchd support didn't only break
Linux, but also OpenBSD (and probably NetBSD too).

I attached a patch with a proposed fix to the PR.



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