[PATCH] fix add default mode

Matthias Hopf mhopf at suse.de
Fri Mar 7 03:47:12 PST 2008

On Mar 07, 08 14:31:04 +0800, Hong Liu wrote:
> The build-in Modes don't have a name now
> (after Adam's commit e65e51a99b17a0510782775f010e9820ca567fcb),
> this may cause problem for code which uses the (name != NULL)
> as a condition for termination of the xf86DefaultModes array.

Uh-oh. IMHO it is a bug that modes w/o a name exist. So why on earth has
this commit been made in the first place? If it's just that the data
table should be able to be put into the text segment, a (const char *)
casting of the strings should suffice...



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