Current state of the art for networked 3D acceleration?

Seb James seb at
Thu Mar 6 12:17:27 PST 2008

Hi List,

I'd really like to be able to run an opengl program on a server with
graphics displaying on my hardware-accelerated remote X display.

What's the current state of the art? Do I need AIGLX or XGL on the

This is to implement thin client systems for community groups, where we
give them both a Linux and a Windows desktop to use (they tend to insist
on having the latter available).

The more bling on the Linux desktop the better, as RDP doesn't allow
true accelerated 3D (afaik).

I don't want super fast 3D, but some alpha shading in the desktop and
the ability to run Google Earth would be great!

Any pointers to web resources would be gratefully received - there's a
lot of "noise" in a google search on the subject.


Seb James

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