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Thu Mar 6 02:47:15 PST 2008

Am 06.03.08, 10:05 +0100 schrieb Simon Thum:

> > This case should be covered by the _ICC_PROFILE in X spec. Current draft:
> >
> > 
> Just out of curiousity: (How) do you plan to kepp this in sync with the XDCCC
> stuff? If one just wants linear compositing/scaling/whatever, evaluting an icc
> profile is a bit overkill. The XDCCC tables would be much simpler to work with
> (in that case).

Modern monitor characterisation has as well to handle pure CLUT profiles.

ICC profiles are not required to contain matrixes and only one dimensional 
curves, which are called shaper/matix profiles in ICC terminology. 

Xcms, as I understood, is obsoleted in favour of a ICC conforming
approach. The later is what is mostly refered here in this thread.

About ICC:

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