[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Wed Mar 5 21:58:30 PST 2008

Aaron Plattner (11):
      Bug #12015: Use the right offsets in the dst arguments of pixman_blt.
      stride is in FbBits-sized chunks, but xoff is not.
      Bump video driver ABI for pci-rework.
      Set noCompositeExtension to TRUE when failing to initialize the extension (e.g. when Xinerama is enabled).
      Don't segfault on shutdown if we never managed to connect to dbus.
      Restore the CompositeGlyphs -> ps->Glyphs -> miGlyphs callchain to allow acceleration architectures to wrap above miGlyphs.
      Add CreatePixmap allocation hints.
      Save pixmap allocation hints into the PixmapRec.
      Fix a really dumb typo.
      Get rid of xf86DefModes.c.
      Fix dist by including modeline2c.awk.

Adam Jackson (105):
      Fix an error message to not point to @xfree86.org.
      Implement core protocol backing store exclusively in terms of Composite.
      Refactor PictureInitIndexedFormats.
      [RANDR] Don't mark Xinerama as active if no crtcs are enabled. (bug #11504).
      Ignore - not just block - SIGALRM around Popen()/Pclose().
      Enable MIT-SHM in Xdmx.
      Move SIGUSR1 notification as late as possible.
      Fix accidental ABI usage in RANDR 1.2 drivers.
      Avoid PS/2 protocol probing for /dev/input/mice
      Disable explicit commenting in Monitor section.
      Fix magic number in fbdevhw
      Don't filter modes away during VBE mode list construction.
      Restore build of xf8_16bpp.
      Export the server ABI versions from xorg-server.pc
      Don't sleep(1) at server exit.
      Add -pogo option for init/teardown performance testing.
      Start 1.4.99
      Don't sleep(1) at exit on any platform.
      Eliminate some redundancy in autoconfiguration.
      Clean up some garbage in driver enumeration.
      Nuke the debugging allocator.
      Delete some dead code in X -configure.
      Simplify system resource range setup.
      Allocate RRCrtcRecs with calloc.
      Small static cleanups on dix/
      Bug #1612: Use a stronger PRNG.
      Disinfect mi/ of mfb.
      Bug #9725: Don't look in root's $HOME for config files, that's just confusing.
      Document the requirement for interleaved code and declarations.
      Bump DEFAULT_DPI to 96.
      Allow Virtual to be specified globally in the Screen section.
      RANDR 1.2: Only enable unknown outputs if there are no connected outputs.
      Clean up many #if 0.
      Fix swapped Xv dispatch under Xinerama.
      Death to libcwrapper.
      xf86getpagesize -> getpagesize elsewhere in os-support/
      Restore xf86getsecs() as not having an ANSI equivalent.
      Clean up some #if 0.
      Explain a confusing #ifdef.
      Add infrastructure for validating modes by memory bandwidth.
      Correct the documentation comments in xf86Modes.c
      Reference cvt and gtf in the xorg.conf man page.
      Report serverClient resources in the X-Resource extension.
      Add HDMI and DisplayPort connector types.
      EDID 1.4: Allow for sync range offsets.
      EDID 1.4: Trivial support for new detailed sections.
      EDID 1.4: Decode CVT 3-byte codes and add them to the mode pool.
      EDID 1.4: Extended support for digital interfaces.
      EDID 1.4: Additional aspect ratio semantics for screen size fields.
      EDID 1.4: Allow for gamma definition in extension blocks.
      EDID 1.4: Alternate color encodings for digital inputs.
      EDID 1.4: Additional semantics for display feature bits.
      Check the gamma value, not its address.
      Don't carp on EDID 1.4 blocks anymore.
      EDID 1.4: First detailed mode is always preferred.
      EDID 1.4: If given a native pixel format, use it when inferring virtual.
      CVE-2007-6429: Don't spuriously reject <8bpp shm pixmaps.
      There is no such thing as /dev/cpu/mtrr.
      Rip out useless indirection in the callback list management.
      Disable Record by default.
      Simplify critical output flushing.
      Remove some MAX* #defines that never get used.
      Redact all mention of PanoramiX from user strings.
      requestingClient is an xprintism, hide it for other servers.
      Silence the harmless FreeFontPath error message.
      X.Org Group -> X.Org Foundation
      Silence FreeResource()
      Silence an error message in ConfigureWindow that never happens.
      Use strerror instead of errno values in user strings.
      Remove useless commentary from environment and argument processing.
      Don't even attempt to parse -bpp in xfree86 DDX option parsing.
      Don't bother warning people about the keyboard driver rename, just do it.
      Eradicate the VTInit code.
      Friends don't let friends call xf86AddModuleInfo.
      Remove some braindamage from ModuleDesc.
      Simplify dlloader a bit more.
      Silence useless debug spew from XFree86-Misc extension.
      Bah, macros are hard.
      Fix Xinerama's consolidated visual handling.
      fbFillRegionTiled() is now dead code.
      Normalize swapped dispatch for Fixes{ChangeSaveSet,SelectSelectionInput}
      Match Xephyr DRI definitions to the ones in xf86dri.h
      s/via/openchrome/ in the autoconfig logic.
      Use the client-side XKB headers for the config utilities
      Bug #13736: Fix %bx in VBEGetPixelClock to match spec.
      Add several comments documenting our EDID failures.
      Allow xf86DuplicateMode() to work correctly on read-only modes.
      Remove some #if 0 guarding code duplicated in xf86Modes.c
      Clean up DisplayModeRec handling in many places.
      Constify the built-in mode tables.
      Remove the duplicate copy of xf86cvt.c
      Add xf86GTFMode().
      Nuke a duplicate SYMFUNC(xf86CVTMode)
      Fix CVT abuse in DDCModesFromStandardTiming.
      EDID 1.4: Decode additional CVT support information.
      EDID 1.4: Print additional CVT support data in the log.
      On second thought, revert that, it'll make large pixmaps painfully slow.
      Branch for 1.5.
      xf86DDCMonitorSet: Honor the DisplaySize from the config file.
      Fix Motif menu drawing in Xnest.
      RANDR 1.2: Inherit PreferredMode from the global configuration, if any.
      Remove all mention of the vga driver from the config logic.
      Make xf86InitialConfiguration slightly smarter.
      Fix distcheck.

Ademar de Souza Reis Jr (2):
      Add xorg.conf man section about catalogue:<dir> FPE
      Add Xserver man section about catalogue:<dir> FPE

Alan Coopersmith (19):
      Actually build Secure RPC authentication support (missed in modularization)
      Remove unused pciAddrHostToBus functions from ix86Pci.c
      Fix PCI rework build on Solaris (copy what BSD does)
      xorgcfg needs $(DIX_CFLAGS) for pixman-1 include path
      Rework local client id finding code to be more uniform
      Sun bug 6589829: include zoneid of shm segment in access policy for MIT-SHM
      Enable use of /dev/urandom on Solaris as well
      Restore checks for __i386 where needed for Sun compilers on Solaris
      Use _X_EXPORT instead of __attribute__((visibility("default")))
      Use pkg-config to get -I, -L & -R flags needed for OpenSSL
      xf86getpagesize() -> getpagesize() in os-support/solaris/sun_bios.c
      Check for <sys/sdt.h> as well when determining to enable dtrace probes
      Restore include & typedef needed by dtrace
      Fix names/types of new vuidMouse{Get,Set}ScreenPrivates macros
      Add dixAllocatePrivate stub to dummylib for utils
      X.Org bug 4947/Sun bug 6646626: Xv extension not byte-swapping properly
      Kill xf86getpagesize even harder (dummylib & ioport)
      Fix reference to old versions of XFree86 to not say "Xorg 4.2 or earlier"
      More Xv extension byte swapping fixes

Alan Hourihane (10):
      Fix <pixman.h> include to <pixman/pixman.h>
      Allow yres_virtual to be greater for some kernel fbdev drivers.
      Fix Xdmx build
      EXA: Don't crash in ExaCheckPolyArc.
      Fix bug #12286
      Add the FB_ACCESS_WRAPPER checks
      Fix walking of GLX providers.
      Fix Line drawing with CapNotLast set in PolySegment.
      Fix context sharing between direct/indirect contexts
      More checking for failed contexts/drawables

Alex Deucher (6):
      move intel crtc xv clipping helper to the xserver
      add xf86_crtc_clip_video_helper to xf86sym.c
      Add _X_EXPORT to exported functions in hw/xfree86/modes/*
      Revert "Fix possible crash if Xv window is outside of either crtc"
      Document xf86_crtc_clip_video_helper better.
      Fix potential crasher in xf86CrtcRotate()

Andrew Christan (1):
      Xephyr: add "multiscreen" suport

Andrew Oakley (1):
      Fix commit aa0dfb3f42f19bb351ca7f1a9507ff5ec4590e96

Arjan van de Ven (4):
      reduce wakeups from smart scheduler
      xfree86: plug memory leak in xf86LogInit()
      xfree86: plug memory leak in InitPathList.
      xfree86: plug a memory leak in xf86LoadModules.

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz (1):
      Xprint: Clean up generated files

Bart Trojanowski (1):
      X86EMU: handle CPUID instruction

Bartosz Fabianowski (1):
      Input: Fix proximity events with valuators

Ben Byer (70):
      fixed path for event_status_driver.h
      Another pathname fix for event_status_driver.h
      build fixes for XDarwin
      configure.ac: exclude pci-access dependency from XDarwin
      XDARWIN: build breakage fix
      added an exclusion for setting XORG on darwin
      added HAVE_LAUNCHD check to configure.ac (mostly for OSX)
      XDARWIN: Add launchd support
      Revert "configure.ac: exclude pci-access dependency from XDarwin"
      DDX changes for XDarwin
      XDARWIN: build fix for quartz/pseudoramiX.c
      XDARWIN: fixes to make Xquartz build again
      fixed cut-and-paste typo
      XDarwin: changed XF86BigFont support default from yes to auto so XDarwin can disable it
      XDarwin:  Disable dtrace support on Darwin 9 (since it doesn't work ... yet ...)
      XDarwin:  We build many many different targets, let's break them out into autoconf conditionals
      XDarwin: changes to Makefile.am to use new conditionals
      XVFB: Removed obsolete hack to build on Darwin
      XNEST: removed obsolete hack to build under Darwin
      XDARWIN: More fixes to Makefile.am
      XDarwin:  mass change from using xorg-config.h to dix-config.h cuz we're not using the X.org ddx anymore
      XDarwin: Merging misc changes from downstream.
      XDarwin: Fixes to quartzKeyboard.c to prevent a crash using certain non-US keyboards
      XDarwin:  pulling in Indirect GLX fixes from downstream
      XDarwin: build fix for X11.app
      So, like, checking return codes of system calls (signal, etc) is good.
      mass change from #ifdef i386 to #ifdef __i386__ to conform to ANSI
      add missing null-pointer checks
      pulling in changes from xorg-server-1.2-apple branch
      Removed CVS tags.
      more CVS tags
      pulling more patches over from xorg-xserver-1.2-apple branch
      changing ALLOCATE_LOCAL to xalloc to prevent stack overflow
      Disable deferred updates in xp_init to fix performance problems
      Initial support for Spaces -- if you use Expose to drag an X11
      Fixed logic error that prevent JIS (Japanese) keyboard layouts from
      formatting cleanup
      fixing GLX in Xquartz
      Fixed check to refer to DarwinApp, not all Darwin targets
      Fixed Spaces issue, correctly -- dragging an X window from one
      formatting changes.
      Fixed focus problem (clicking on an X11 window that sits behind
      removed debugging output
      Undo some last-minute breakage in xpr.h
      Fix for off-by-one error in menu bar height calculation -- props to Nicholas Riley!
      formatting fixes
      Patch to rootless code that should fix many crashes.  Credit to Ken Thomases
      Darwin: Workaround for a bug where the holding down Command to make a "fake"
      Darwin: Trap Deactivate messages and release modifiers to avoid "stuck shift lock" (etc) bugs
      Darwin: Swap modifier keys for buttons 2 and 3 -- now Option-click is the middle click
      Darwin: Initial support for Spaces -- if you use Expose to drag an X11
      Darwin: Adding "fake RandR" support from old X11.app
      Darwin: fix for spurious "Are you sure you want to quit?" message
      Darwin: Fixed the call to xp_init so that we now receive Motion notifications even
      Darwin: These changes are necessary, yet not sufficient, to get 8-bit indexed
      Darwin: Patch to avert (some) damage / rootless crashes, courtesy of Ken Thomases
      Darwin: Added a lightweight debugging facility to support troubleshooting
      Darwin: Disabled ALT_IS_MODE_SWITCH
      Darwin: Added some DEBUG_LOG sauce to the XP_EVENT handling code
      added missing call to xcb_connect()
      ALLOCATE_LOCAL is dangerous on Darwin due to memory layout differences
      fixed pathname in GL/apple/Makefile.am
      Just a couple of small uninitialized pointer fixes
      Added darwinEvents.h to EXTRA_DIST
      remove Xplugin.h, because we should use the one in /usr/include
      created x11-exec wrapper, which uses LaunchServices to find
      Modified X11 plist to use x11-exec
      fixed bug in x11-exec that prevent icon from showing up
      we need to link against CoreServices, not ApplicationServices
      clarified debug message to indicate that we're sleeping

Ben Skeggs (1):
      exa: set driverPriv to NULL before it might get used later with garbage

Bernardo Innocenti (2):
      Include stddef.h for size_t.
      exa: make the prototype for exaGetPixmapFirstPixel() public

Blair Sadewitz (1):
      Autoconfiguration of wsmouse for NetBSD.

Brian (2):
      regenerated, adds GL_MAX_3D_TEXTURE_SIZE (see bug 13811)
      regenerated to add framebuffer object tokens (bug 13800)

Brian Paul (1):
      glx: fix crash when freeing visuals

Brice Goglin (2):
      Replace a non-ascii char with the corresponding groff escape in exa.man.pre
      Add a missing linebreak after LoadModule: "foo"

Carl Worth (8):
      ProcRenderAddGlyphs: Convert while loops to for loops where more natural
      ProcRenderAddGlyphs: Take advantage of the for loops to simplify the code a bit
      Split HashGlyph functionality out into HashGlyphInfoAndBits
      ProcRenderAddGlyphs: Avoid allocating a glyph just to find it cached
      Use strong hash (SHA1) for glyphs
      Use per-screen Pixmaps for glyphs
      Create a Picture as well as a Pixmap at the time of AllocateGlyph
      Avoid leaking a Pixmap for every glyph

Chris Wilson (3):
      Bug #10463: Always initialize reference pixel before AllocColor()
      Bug #10464: Set pixel value to 0 before FindColor()
      Bug #10465: Use calloc() for allocating PixmapRec's.

Christian Weisgerber (1):
      FreeBSD/alpha server build requires libio (missed in modularization).

Coleman Kane (1):
      Bug 13101: xorg-server has a typo in hw/xfree86/os-support/bsd/i386_video.c

Colin Harrison (1):
      Rootless: Fix lvalue error from devPrivates change

Dan Nicholson (1):
      glx: Use glapi sources from the mesa tree

Daniel Stone (64):
      Fix key repeats during VT switch.
      GetKeyboardEvents: Reject out-of-range keycodes (bug #12528)
      Input: Generate XKB mapping changes for all core-sending devices (bug #12523)
      XFree86 Misc/VidMode: Remove ridiculous debug ErrorFs
      configure.ac/XFree86: Only build XF86Misc and XF86VidMode when appropriate
      Xi: Include XI protocol header in exevents.h
      XKB: Add more bits to xkbsrv.h
      XFree86: Remove ridiculous SIGIO debugging
      XKB: Don't update indicators on all devices, add missing include file
      XKB: Cope with all events in XkbProcessKeyboardEvent
      XKB: Remove usage of alloca
      Render: Remove usage of alloca
      Record: Remove usage of alloca
      RandR: Remove usage of alloca
      OS: Remove usage of alloca
      Damage: Remove usage of alloca
      mi: Remove usage of alloca
      mfb: Remove usage of alloca
      Xwin: Remove usage of alloca
      Xprint: Remove usage of alloca
      Xvfb: Remove usage of alloca
      DMX: Remove usage of alloca
      KDrive: Remove usage of alloca
      XFree86: Remove usage of alloca
      fb: Remove usage of alloca
      EXA: Remove usage of alloca
      DIX: Remove usage of alloca
      cfb: Remove usage of alloca
      afb: Remove usage of alloca
      Xi: Remove usage of alloca
      Xext: Remove usage of alloca
      XTrap: Remove usage of alloca
      EXA: Remove usage of alloca
      DIX: Remove last alloca call
      OS: Remove ALLOCATE_LOCAL from os.h
      Remove all traces of external RGB database (and Speedo)
      DIX: XKB: Set xkbInfo to NULL as well as freeing it (bug #10639)
      .gitignore: Ignore build directories
      COPYING: Collapse 'canonical license' into one statement
      DIX/getevents: Document GetMaximumEventsNum() a little better
      XKB: Don't ring the bell when we don't have a BellProc (bug #13246)
      ProcessOtherEvent: Don't do double translation of button events
      WaitForSomething: Ignore EAGAIN
      XKB: Actions: Don't run certain actions on the core keyboard
      Config: D-Bus: Don't leak timers
      Config: HAL: Don't leak options on failure to add device
      OS: Don't leak connection translation table on regeneration
      KDrive: Xephyr: Don't leak screen damage structure
      Input: Don't reinit devices
      OS: IO: Zero out client buffers
      XKB: XkbCopyKeymap: Don't leak all the sections
      Xephyr: One-time keyboard leak fix
      XKB: Delete xkberrs.c
      main(): Remove uncredible failure
      XKB: Move headers into the server tree
      XKB: Remove a bunch of mad ifdefs
      XKB: Remove usage of client-side types
      XKB: Remove support for pre-built keymaps
      XKB: Always set size correctly in XkbCopyKeymap's geometry routines
      XkbProcessOtherEvent: Don't depend on now-removed header
      XKB: Ditch XkbFileInfo
      XKB: Actually use the keymap we compile at startup
      XKB: Fix initial map setting on startup

Dave Airlie (20):
      randr: fixup crtc and output destroy
      EXA: Add a couple of missing exaPrepare/FinishAccess calls.
      exa: add a pixmap private pointer for drivers to retrieve.
      exa: add hooks for drivers to take over pixmap allocation
      exa: increase minor version number for pixmap allocation hooks
      exa: make sure we set fb_ptr to NULL
      exa: add new flags to denote driver handles all pixmap migration/hiding
      exa: direct access to the pixmap sys ptr is bad if the pixmap isn't mapped
      randr: make randr code not segfault when xinerama set
      modes: use xf86RandR12Index to stop illegal access
      edid quirk for MAX 0x77e monitor
      xf86Crtc: pass correct parameter.
      xf86crtc: oh mon could be NULL, so check before quirks
      Xquartz ate my DMX - thanks
      damn then my cut-n-paste ate my end of lines...
      mi: set the private key to a unique non-zero value
      entity sharing: make !shareable entity non-fatal.
      xf86Cursors: fix memset for non-square cursors
      xf86Crtc: add higher level modesetting entry point.
      quirks: another LPL panel with the cm/mm wrong

Dave Jones (1):
      Kdrive: fix nasty thinko in TslibEnable()

David Nusinow (26):
      Move module defaults from the header to the source file.
      Fix bug in debugging info related to pci-rework merge
      Load intel instead of i810 when autoconfiguring
      First pass at improved video driver autoloading
      Fix autoloading of drivers for pci-rework
      Use the best guess heuristic as a fallback for autoloading
      Don't require that the screen explicitly attach the device section
      Allow the user to not have a screen section
      When there's no xorg.conf, use the video driver autoloading function
      Re-enable validation of the screen section of xorg.conf
      Don't bother validating the Device section of the conf file
      Remove obsolete error message define from parser
      Separate choosing driver from the file-based implementation
      Remove some unused variables
      Fix a warning about the control logic in xchomp()
      Fix another compiler warning
      Make PCI text file directory configurable
      Fix compilation issue on FreeBSD (bug #12841)
      Add a note as to why the text file based PCI ID scheme is present at all
      Define PCI_TXT_IDS_DIR more cleanly
      Log enabling of DPMS even when it's not set in xorg.conf
      Don't log DPMS enabling as being from xorg.conf if it's not
      Add tags/TAGS to .gitignore for ctags usage
      bug #10008: Make Xvfb.1 document the correct default depth
      Bug #13860: Ensure that the DRI mode is in octal format.
      Add missing file from previous commit.

David S. Miller (1):
      [SBUS]: Fix build, use getpagesize() instead of xf86getpagesize().

Dodji Seketeli (67):
      Kdrive: unbreak kdrive linking
      Xephyr: fix compilation breakage.
      xserver: test presence of strlcpy in configure
      xserver: don't force DTRACE detection by default
      Xephyr: fix compiler warnings
      Fix #12650: "windows not receiving mouse events in multiple screens context"
      Add basic Exa driver entry point validation.
      initial commit of xv support work
      link and init xv
      add -verbosity <level> option to command line
      works with no adaptors
      initial commit of xv support work
      link and init xv
      misc fixes.
      make xvinfo work
      implement setportattribute and getportattribute calls
      make properties setting/query code work and hopefully complete.
      first implementation of putimage
      don't crash when hostX reports an error.
      advertise only the hooks implemented by host X
      add [Get/Put]Video and [Get/Put]Still support
      make EphyrXVPriv be a singleton
      Support clipping region in PutImage.
      Initial dri forwarding big bricks.
      make xephyr talk DRI protocol with hostX
      Xephyr-Xv: fix a crash when host X support several ports
      Ephyr-Xv: add a new line to a log
      Implement ReputImage and StopVideo
      XEPHYR: more GLX/DRI proxying work.
      EPHYR: Add an experiment proto proxy extension.
      proxy the glXGetFBConfigSGIX call
      mirror the visuals of the host X at startup.
      Xephyr: add logging in the DRI extension
      Xserver: fix potential crash
      Xephyr: Make glxinfo work on the ATI R200 free driver.
      Xephyr: better error handling in GLX forwarding
      Xephyr: add more logging to GLX forwarding
      Xephyr: fix a host X hang.
      Xephyr: make accelerated glxgears work in Xephyr
      Xephyr: oops, forgot to add ephyrdriext.h
      Xephyr: properly clip GL drawables in Xephyr
      Xephyr: fix a clipping issue xephyr-dri
      GLX: allow skipping of visual init wrapping
      fbcmap_mi.c: add a missing api
      Kdrive: use fbcmap_mi.c instead of fbcmap.c
      Xephyr: add -nodri and -noxv switches.
      Xephyr: cleanup XF86dri.c a bit
      Xephyr: check presence of extensions in host X
      Xephyr: glx fixlet
      Xephyr: port XV/GL stuff of the new multiscreen architecture
      Xephyr: better compilation without GLX
      Xephyr: remove an unused variable
      Xephyr: fix a compiler warning
      Xephyr: don't disable glx visual init by default
      Xephyr: better handling of the -nodri option
      Xephyr: remove a potential crasher
      EXA: dude, don't validation driver hooks twice !
      Xephyr: fix some DRI build breakage
      GL: fix crash at mesa destruction time
      Xephyr: fix a crash when using xrandr twice
      Xnest: fix lib dependancy to make libtool happy
      Xephyr: don't use Xv or GL when those are disabled.
      Xephyr: do not AM_CONDITIONAL inside a shell if branch
      kaa: update kaaCreatePixmap to support the new usage_int
      [Xephyr/GL] don't crash when the host returns a NULL server string
      [Xephyr/GL] properly route expose event on GL drawables
      [Xephyr/GL] unbreak the build

Eamon Walsh (316):
      Add SELinux extension source files.
      Add SELinux extension configure-time support.
      Add SELinux extension to the module/extension loader.
      Add SELinux extension configure-time support.
      Experimental window property holding security context.
      Improve error handling, messages during initialization.
      Change symbol in libaudit library test.
      Add required root window context to config file.
      Add SELinux extension source files.
      Add SELinux extension configure-time support.
      Add SELinux extension to the module/extension loader.
      Add SELinux extension configure-time support.
      Experimental window property holding security context.
      Improve error handling, messages during initialization.
      Change symbol in libaudit library test.
      Add required root window context to config file.
      Naming change: Security*Operation -> Xace*Operation
      Remove trailing whitespace (whitespace police).
      Split AssignClientState() into two routines, new routine is server-specific.
      Change MLS levels in config file contexts to more sane defaults.
      Add xserver object class to list of object classes.
      Naming change: Security*Access -> Dix*Access.
      Policy updates.
      Policy updates.
      Remove the root window context line from the configuration file.
      Split ObjectSIDByLabel into two functions since property labeling now
      Policy updates: use x prefix in property and ext types.
      Remove nasty function pointer type from DevUnion, return to documented type.
      devPrivates rework: add RC_PRIVATES class, make ResourceRec visible in
      devPrivates rework: add dix header file containing new interface.
      devPrivates rework: add new interface implementation.
      devPrivates rework: hook up new interface in resource system; add new
      devPrivates rework: unhook resource system; will try a different approach.
      devPrivates rework: redo interface and implementation.
      devPrivates rework: remove some debugging code from dixFreePrivates.
      devPrivates rework: move reset functions into a single call.
      devPrivates rework: hook up new mechanism in backwards-compatibility mode
      devPrivates rework: redo interface again, dropping parent and type parameters
      devPrivates rework: redo field offset registration, drop RC_PRIVATES class.
      Add ResourceStateCallback similar in function to ClientStateCallback.
      xselinux: remove context validation function for now.
      devPrivates rework: pass address of pointer to private callbacks instead of
      xselinux + security: remove confusing CALLBACK macro.
      xselinux: use the new ResourceStateCallback instead of the XACE_WINDOW_INIT hook.
      xace: drop XACE_WINDOW_INIT hook, it has been superseded by ResourceStateCallback.
      xace: add XACE_SELECTION_ACCESS hook for selection redirection/access.
      xace: bump major version since the hooks have changed.
      dix: add new selection fields supporting redirection.
      xace: add access_mode argument to selection hook.
      dix: devPrivates support for PropertyRec.
      xace: add new argument to property hook for property structure itself.
      dix: reorganize property code to better support xace hook; requires new API for
      dix: move access codes to separate header file, add DixCreateAccess.
      xace: drop the name argument from the property callback.
      xace: pass serverClient as default argument to dixChangeWindowProperty
      xace: provide creation-time resource hook call in CreateWindow().
      xace: minor comment fixes.
      devPrivates rework: zero out newly allocated private space.
      xace: forgot one of the hook call arguments.  Add it.
      security: rewrite to use new devPrivates support.
      devPrivates rework: properly free devPrivates on compatibility structures,
      dix: add new, combined resource lookup function.  Move all dix lookup API
      devPrivates rework: minor fix; use calloc and avoid initialization.
      devPrivates rework: properly free devPrivates on compatibility structures,
      security: remove debugging code.
      xace: change the semantics of the return value of XACE hooks to allow
      dix: Add a bunch of new access codes.
      dix: fix null pointer dereference in new resource lookup function.
      xselinux: use new libselinux support for private Flask definitions.
      xselinux: use new libselinux support for context labeling.
      xselinux: adjust the config file format to that expected by libselinux.
      security: drop the "declare extension security" dix call.  Use the
      security: drop support for XC-QUERY-SECURITY authorization method.
      xace: drop site-policy and declare-extension-security hooks, add 2 new hooks
      Temporarily disable Security and SELinux extensions
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol colormap requests
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol window requests
      dix: remove caching of drawables and graphics contexts.  The security checks
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol GC requests
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol property requests
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol cursor requests
      xace: rename hostlist security hook to "server" as this hook will be used
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol server requests
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol screensaver requests
      xace: drop background-none checking hook, add new hook for controlling
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol client requests
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol font requests
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol pixmap requests
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol selection requests
      devPrivates rework: use camelcase standard for name of key type.
      devPrivates rework: add const qualifier to key type.
      devPrivates rework: Nevermind, can't const due to return value warnings.
      devPrivates rework: since API is already broken, switch everything
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: core protocol input requests
      xace: drop map-window checking hook, add new hooks for controlling the
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: TOG-CUP extension.
      devPrivates rework: convert CursorRec and CursorBits over to new interface.
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: XFixes extension.
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: SHAPE extension
      xace: Correct some access modes.
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: Render extension
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: Composite extension
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: Damage extension
      xace: add new fields to resource access hook to allow parent resource objects
      devPrivates rework: register an offset for every resource type, use
      xace: add special-case for just setting the event mask on a window,
      xace: add missing argument to hook call.
      devPrivates rework: move devPrivates field in drawable structure types
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: DOUBLE-BUFFER extension
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: MIT-SHM extension
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: SYNC extension
      xace: modifications to ChangeWindowAttributes special case: separate
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: APPGROUP extension
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: XF86-Bigfont extension
      xace: change prototype of VALIDATE_DRAWABLE_AND_GC macro to allow access
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: XV extension.
      Input: Return errors to the dispatcher instead of sending them ourself.
      Input: Properly swap DevicePresenceNotify events.
      xace: add new hooks + access controls: XInput extension.
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: XKB extension.
      xace: remove obsoleted DRAWABLE_ACCESS hook.
      xace: add hooks + new access codes: XTEST extension
      xace: add creation hook for new input devices.
      dix: pass a valid ClientPtr to SetFontPath in all cases.
      xace: remove the special-cased "ignore" functionality from the property code.
      xace: move the property deletion hook inside the DeleteProperty function.
      dix: Add a new "registry" mechanism for registering string names of things.
      NULL is not a valid argument to CreatePicture, please use serverClient
      registry: Register Input extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XKB extension protocol names.
      registry: Register composite extension protocol names.
      registry: Register DMX extension protocol names.
      registry: Register APPLEDRI extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XINERAMA extension protocol names.
      registry: Register APPLEWM extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XF86DRI extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XF86VidMode extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XF86Misc extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XF86DGA extension protocol names.
      registry: Register WINDOWSWM extension protocol names.
      registry: Register DBE extension protocol names.
      registry: Register Record extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XFixes extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XTrap extension protocol names.
      registry: Register DAMAGE extension protocol names.
      registry: Register RANDR extension protocol names.
      registry: Register RENDER extension protocol names.
      registry: Register SHM extension protocol names.
      registry: Register EVIE extension protocol names.
      registry: Register Resource extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XPrint extension protocol names.
      registry: Register DPMS extension protocol names.
      registry: Register Multibuffer extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XTest extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XC-MISC extension protocol names.
      registry: Register Xv extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XF86Bigfont extension protocol names.
      registry: Register MIT-MISC extension protocol names.
      registry: Register TOG-CUP extension protocol names.
      registry: Register EVI extension protocol names.
      registry: Register Fontcache extension protocol names.
      registry: Register BigRequests extension protocol names.
      registry: Register APPGROUP extension protocol names.
      registry: Register SYNC extension protocol names.
      registry: Register SHAPE extension protocol names.
      registry: Register MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension protocol names.
      registry: Register XvMC extension protocol names.
      registry: Add some missing #include's.
      xace: update the DeleteProperty prototype to include the client argument.
      xace: add creation/labeling hook to CreateRootWindow().
      xace: Add an access_mode field to the extension structure.
      xselinux: Started reworking extension using new XACE hooks.
      xselinux: Remove config file, this has been moved to the policy.
      devPrivates rework: update new GL/glxext code.
      xselinux: Move functions around; add some more comments.
      xselinux: add hook for device acceses.
      registry: Add "X11:" prefix to core protocol names.
      registry: special case minor number when looking up core requests.
      dix: Add client parameter to AddPassiveGrabsToList().
      xace: Fix bug in AddPassiveGrabToList(), was using wrong GrabPtr.
      xselinux: add hooks for send and receive access.
      xselinux: add basic event labeling.
      xace: Bug fixes, name changes to selection access hooks and fields.
      xselinux: properly update sizes when dynamic arrays are resized...
      xace: try to pretend events were sent when a denial occurs.
      xselinux: Unregister callbacks on server reset.
      xselinux: Remove synthetic bit when looking up event type.
      xace: Still more changes to selection code.  Removed the SelectionPtr from
      xselinux: Add basic support for selection access control and redirection.
      Revert "registry: special case minor number when looking up core requests."
      xselinux: Add audit message fields for selection and event names.
      xselinux: Introduce a type transition when labeling events.
      xselinux: Label the default device directly with the process context.
      xselinux: Don't include the client in the receive hook audit messages.
      xace: Add a "manage" access check when setting the Redirect event bits.
      registry: Remove synthetic bit from event types in lookup function.
      xselinux: Add a SetDeviceContext request and stubs for more requests.
      xselinux: Register SELinux extension protocol names.
      Modified performance patches from Arjan van de Ven <arjan at infradead.org>
      Rework of the XC-SECURITY extension.  The gen-auth protocol has not changed,
      Remove SecurityPolicy file and associated references in the manpages.
      Restore the XC-SECURITY option in configure.ac, but disabled by default.
      registry: Register XC-SECURITY extension protocol names.
      xselinux: add new synthetic_event security class, and fix registry code.
      xselinux: adjust receive hook to use new synthetic_event class.
      devPrivates rework: add missing include of dix/privates.h
      xace: restore the old SaveScreens function and introduce new API, since the
      devPrivates rework: put back a comment that was mistakenly removed
      Remove some duplicate include statements.
      devPrivates rework: put back some changes that were mistakenly removed
      Revert "registry: Register composite extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register DAMAGE extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register DBE extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register APPLEWM extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register XINERAMA extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register APPLEDRI extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register DMX extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register XF86DGA extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register XF86Misc extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register XF86VidMode extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register XF86DRI extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register WINDOWSWM extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register RANDR extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register Record extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register RENDER extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register APPGROUP extension protocol names."
      registry: Remove registry code from BigRequests extension.
      registry: Remove registry code from TOG-CUP extension.
      registry: Remove registry code from DPMS extension.
      registry: Remove registry code from EVI extension.
      registry: Remove registry code from Fontcache extension.
      Revert "registry: Register Multibuffer extension protocol names."
      registry: Remove registry code from MIT-MISC extension.
      Revert "registry: Register MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension protocol names."
      registry: Remove registry code from XC-SECURITY extension.
      Revert "registry: Register SHAPE extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register SHM extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register SYNC extension protocol names."
      registry: Remove registry code from XC-MISC extension.
      Revert "registry: Register EVIE extension protocol names."
      registry: Remove registry code from XF86Bigfont extension.
      Revert "registry: Register XPrint extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register Resource extension protocol names."
      registry: Remove registry code from SELinux extension.
      registry: Remove registry code from XTest extension.
      Revert "registry: Register Xv extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register XvMC extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register XFixes extension protocol names."
      registry: Remove registry code from XInput extension.
      Revert "registry: Register XKB extension protocol names."
      Revert "registry: Register XTrap extension protocol names."
      registry: Fix some mistakes in the reversion of prior commits.
      registry: rename the SERVERCONFIGdir and relocate it to /usr/lib/xorg
      registry: Add a great big list of protocol names, like the XErrorDB that
      registry: Rebase registry to use the server config file of protocol names.
      registry: Add a call for DTRACE compatibility.
      registry: swap out the DTRACE XErrorDB stuff for the new registry call.
      registry: add missing include statement.
      xselinux: Add new protocol for setting device create context.
      devPrivates rework: more cleanup from previous merge operation.
      Bump video driver ABI and extension ABI for devPrivates rework.
      Bump server version for devPrivates rework / XACE.
      XACE: Restore the old background None behavior in response to bug #13683.
      XACE: Too many arguments to selection access hook.
      xselinux: Send AVC messages to audit system instead of log file/stderr.
      xselinux: Remove unnecessary structure definition.
      xselinux: Implement swapped protocol request logic.
      xselinux: don't FatalError on an invalid class mapping, just disable support.
      xselinux: Remove "X" prefix on remaining functions and strings.
      xselinux: Fix whitespace warnings.
      Bug #13794: Update MBE extension devPrivates to new interface.
      Bug #13765: Heap corruption in XC-SECURITY extension code.
      dix: Fix bug+leak in callback manager DeleteCallbackList function.
      devPrivates rework: Free callback lists after use.
      XACE: DeleteCallbackList zeroes out its argument so don't do it twice.
      xselinux: Whitespace fixups.
      xselinux: Implement "get context" protocol requests.
      xselinux: Use a privileged bit in the state instead of passing an index
      xselinux: Rename SelectionManager to more generic SecurityManager.
      XACE: Don't need to actually register a protocol extension.
      XACE: Stop using fake requestVectors in favor of a simple hook call.
      XACE: Remove the extension code entirely, XACE is completely static now.
      xselinux: Move the extension to extmod instead of being built-in.
      XFixes: squash a pointer/integer size mismatch warning.
      XACE: Move the property access hook to its own function.
      XACE: Push the dix "structure" includes down to the security modules.
      xselinux: Add getattr and setattr to the permission map for properties.
      xselinux: Split devPrivate state into subject and object records.
      xselinux: Use the device name in debugging output.
      XACE: Correct some protocol error values in the colormap routines.
      Revert "Bug #8937: Extension setup functions not called on server resets"
      XACE: Move the selection access hook to its own function.
      XACE: Change access modes for some device-related requests.
      xselinux: Add use to permission map for devices.
      security: Revise set of permissions granted to untrusted clients.
      Remove COMPOSITE ifdefs around WindowRec bitfield as it has no ABI effect.
      XACE: Make the default window background state configurable per-window.
      security: Register resource names in the server-side name registry.
      xselinux: Rip out the selection code in advance of polyinstantiation support.
      xselinux: Stub out selection protocol requests.
      XACE: Require "manage" permission for XKBSetNames.
      xselinux: Don't throw BadAccess if DixUnknownAccess is passed in to a hook.
      xselinux: Prefix a few remaining error messages with "SELinux".
      XACE: Fix instances of DixUnknownAccess at hook callsites.
      XACE: Call the creation hook to properly label COMPOSITE window pixmaps.
      XACE: Adjust the location of the COMPOSITE creation hook.
      xselinux: Log messages to both libaudit and Xorg.0.log.
      xselinux: Don't require device "read" permission for XQueryPointer.
      dix: Refactoring of property code to allow for polyinstantiation.
      dix: Refactoring of selection code to allow for polyinstantiation.
      XACE: Add generic support for property and selection polyinstantiation.
      dix: Modify callers of property and selection API to use new interfaces.
      dix: Convert selection list to a linked list.
      XACE: Check the return value of the selection create hook call.
      xselinux: Implement polyinstantiation support and related protocol.

Egbert Eich (3):
      Fixing a misleading comment which could suggest a GPL violation.
      Fixing sig11 in xf86I2CGetScreenBuses().
      Fixing xf86I2CGetScreenBuses(), now dereferencing the correct pointer.

Elvis Pranskevichus (1):
      Config: D-Bus: Fix dbus_bus_request_name failure check

Eric Anholt (29):
      Fix overly-restrictive integer overflow check in EXA pixmap creation.
      Revert "Fix <pixman.h> include to <pixman/pixman.h>"
      Revert "Require pixman 0.9.5; Use pixman_image_set_source_clipping() to fix"
      Fix fbdevhwstub for pci-rework.
      Remove unused xf8GetBlock and xf86GetSparse entry points.
      Remove the BusAccWindows resource code which is now unused.
      Replace BSD custom PCI code with a stub implementation thanks to pciaccess.
      Bug #9629: Remove badly-licensed neomagic kdrive files.
      Add more generated files to .gitignore.
      Remove stale changelogs from kdrive.
      Remove the now-dead PciAvoid symbol.
      Remove dead xf86GetPciSizeFromOS and xf86GetPciOffsetFromOS.
      Convert servers to using _DEPENDENCIES to ensure proper rebuilds.
      Bug #7186: Fix an excessive request size limitation that broke big-requests.
      Bug #7364: Require renderproto 0.9.3 on 64-bit, and fix build with it.
      Remove backend.[ch] from neomagic to fix distcheck.
      Fix Xorg build by listing circular dependency libraries twice.
      Increase despair by fixing xprint build after my _DEPENDENCIES changes.
      Fix driver build by including an appropriate Requires.private line on pixman.
      Fix server version reporting to be the server package version.
      Fix build on FreeBSD after Popen changes.
      Remove the PaintWindow optimization.
      [EDID] Ignore reserved bits in deciding monitor vs detailed timing descriptor.
      Just link against libcrypto instead of relying on openssl pkg-config.
      Bug #10304,12784,11603: Add quirks for several physical size issues.
      Add a quirk for Philips 107P5 which lacks the preferred bit on detailed timing.
      Disable debian pci-id-list autoconfig code on non-linux.
      Replace calls to Glyphs screen hook with CompositeGlyphs and remove dead code.
      EXA: Fix Render acceleration in copy and tiling cases.

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov (1):
      Xprint: fix handling of TrueType font name

Fatih Aşıcı (2):
      Config: Fix a memory leak
      Config: Don't forget to add xkb_rules option

Fredrik Höglund (2):
      EXA: Wrap Trapezoids to prevent excessive migration of the alpha pixmap.
      EXA: Fix a couple of logic errors in exaGetPixmapFirstPixel.

George Sapountzis (5):
      glx: drop duplicate GetDrawableAttributesSGIX declarations.
      configure: minor cleanup
      glcore: split mesa and X in build system
      clean some "unused" warnings
      fix typo

Gerte Hoogewerf (1):
      Add stub symbols to make xprint build.

Hong Liu (3):
      bgPixel (unsigned long) is 64-bit on x86_64, so -1 != 0xffffffff
      Bug 13308: Verify and reject obviously broken modes.
      Bug #12439: add a quirk to use +hsync +vsync for the probed detailed mode.

Ian Romanick (63):
      Initial batch of changes for PCI rework.  All future changes will be
      Added missing include of Pci.h.  This caused the server to terminate
      Fixed severly broken calls to pci_device_find_by_slot.  I mis-read the
      Added a comment about some suspicious code.
      Move probe_devices_from_device_sections,
      Remove some static declarations for things that were removed in
      Add new Mesa files arrayobj.c and arrayobj.h.
      Fix a compiler warning about varibles being used without being set.
      Move declaration of "j" inside #ifdef block where it is used to
      Eliminate "ugly" spaces around parenthesis.  Add const qualifier.
      Use XSERVER_LIBS instead of XORG_LIBS for -lpciaccess.  The former is
      Modify linuxGetSizesStruct to use pci_device instead of pciConfigPtr.
      Make the various implementations of xf86ExtendedInitInt10 use the
      Fix stupid typos.
      ScanPciDisplayPCICardInfo now uses pci_device interface for PCI
      Changes that were missed on the previous commit.  Perhaps oddness
      Remove source files that have been dead since day-1 of this branch.
      The functions xf86PciBusAccWindowsFromOS and xf86BusAccWindowsFromOS
      Modify xf86BusAccWindowsFromOS and xf86AccResFromOS to use the
      Refactor linuxGetSizesStruct to take a pci_device pointer instead of a
      Global s/xf86MapDomainIO/xf86MapLegacyIO/.  Let's call a duck a duck,
      Don't re-look-up pointers that are already stored in structures.
      Gut anything having to do with the PciBusPtr (or PciBusRec) type.
      Pass correct pointer to xf86MapLegacyIO.
      Build fixes for last pull from HEAD.
      Eliminate all uses of the businfo field of pciDevice / pciConfigPtr.
      Remove pciConfigPtr and all of the associated cruft.
      Modify xf86FindPciDeviceVendor and xf86FindPciClass to use the
      Move xf86FindPciDeviceVendor and xf86FindPciClass from xf86pciBus.c to
      Remove the last remants of the pci{Read,Write}{Long,Word,Byte}
      Eliminate the last few places outside xf86pciBus.c that use
      Rename xf86ReadDomainMemory to xf86ReadLegacyVideoBIOS, since that's
      Remove prototypes from some functions that were previously removed.
      Make xf86PciVideoInfo static since it is only used within this file.
      Fix from HEAD accidentally reverted during merge.
      Convert int10 and vgaHW to use 'struct pci_device' instead of PCITAG.
      Missed file from previous commit.
      Eliminate xf86GetPciEntity from public interface.
      Eliminate some dead code.
      Eliminate pciHostAddrToBusAddr from interface.
      Remove prototype for pciGetBaseSize.
      Eliminate unused pciAddrHostToBus infrastructure.
      Fix typos in conditionally compiled code.
      Refactor pciTagConvertRange2Host and pciConvertRange2Host.
      Eliminate unused INCLUDE_XF86_MAP_PCI_MEM define.
      Remove unnecessary files from the sources list.
      Convert to new pci_device_cfg_write_u* interface.
      Convert to new pci_device_cfg_write_u* interface.
      Fix domain insanity.
      Fix accidental commit (bug) in linuxOpenLegacy.
      Eliminate use of Tag field.
      Eliminate unused fields in pciAccRec.
      Convert xf86FindPrimaryDevice to use a static buffer and snprintf.
      Convert xf86IsolateDevice to a 'struct pci_slot_match'.
      Convert xf86IsolateDevice to a 'struct pci_slot_match'.
      Replace PciBusId with 'struct pci_device *'
      Elminiate ARCH_PCI_OS_INIT.
      Convert xf86GetPciHostConfigFromTag to get_parent_bridge.
      Eliminate pciControlBridge, pciGetBridgeBuses, and pciGetBridgeResources.
      Move xf86ReadLegacyBIOS to the one place that uses it.
      Merge fix missed on previous commit.
      Remove files made obsolete by pci-rework.
      Revert part of 529acb175440969af9d7fa38aab8d7dea0dc2661 because libtool is smart.

James Cloos (1):
      Remove Perl dependency from the build

Jeremy C. Reed (2):
      Add some more support for DragonFly. From Joerg Sonnenberger
      Update for support on NetBSD and DragonFly. From

Jeremy Huddleston (74):
      Darwin: Dead code removal, Code cleanup, Added launcher
      Darwin: Really add launcher this time
      Darwin: Use UTF8String since lossyCString is deprecated
      Darwin: Removed .svn dir
      Darwin: Removed cvs tags from Xquartz man page
      Darwin: Misc cleanups to line up with xorg-server-1.2-apple
      Darwin: Copied over missing file (Localizable.strings) from xorg-server-1.2-apple
      Rootless: Pulled in changes from fb{Blt,Fill} into rl{Blt,Fill}
      Darwin: More syncing witn xorg-server-1.2-apple
      Darwin: Added missing Makefile.am
      Rootless: Imported changes made in xorg-server-1.2-apple branch
      Rootless: Remove the PaintWindow optimization which snuck back in.
      Darwin: Remove the PaintWindow optimization which snuck back in.
      Darwin: Fix compilation/linking problems
      Darwin,Rootless: Makefile cleanup
      Darwin: Removed support for darwinSwapAltMeta
      Darwin: #ifdefs around dix-config.h include and NDEBUG/assert.h workaround.
      Darwin: Undo focus-hack which didn't work right.
      Darwin: properly implemented xcb check for stale sockets
      Darwin: Alt is Mode_switch Switching to Mode_switch to maintain compatibility with Tiger X11.
      Darwin: Added {/,/System/}Library/Fonts to DEFAULT_FONT_PATH
      Darwin: Combine launcher and server X11.app
      Darwin: RIP dumpkeymap, cr, and fullscreen
      Darwin: Rework build system to more accurately reveal code infrastructure and facilitate future modularity.
      Darwin: Cleaned up keyboard interface headers
      Darwin: Flattened quartz into darwin, renamed darwin xquartz
      .gitignore: Added Xcode user files
      Darwin: Renamed DarwinModeBlah to QuartzBlah
      Darwin: Dead coded removal
      Darwin: Use __APPLE__ instead of __DARWIN__
      XQuartz: Cleaned up configure, X11.app path in launchd script
      XQuartz: Fixed "Multiple Dock Icons"
      Xquartz: Use org.x.X11 instead of com.apple.X11 for preferences
      Xquartz: Actually, it should be org.x.X11 for case-sensitive FS
      Xquartz: Actually add quartzForeground.[hc]
      Xquartz Added quartzKeyboard.h to EXTRA_DIST
      .gitignore: added hw/xquartz/bundle/org.x.X11.plist
      Xquartz: Added missing link to libconfig.a
      Xquartz: Removed Xplugin.h from EXTRA_DIST
      Xquartz: Make Alt work with Xmodmap again
      Xquartz: Pre-process Xquartz man page
      Xquartz: Don't hardcode LaunchAgents dir
      Xquartz: Don't hardcode libexec dir
      Xquartz: Fixed cpprules include
      Xquartz: Fixed launchd detection
      Xquartz: Removed launchd plist and x11-exec.  The relevant code is now in xinit.
      Xquartz: General Cleanup
      Xquartz: Use X11ControllerMain()
      XQuartz: Don't fork to exec app_to_run.
      XQuartz: Kill off server-main.c and launcher-main.c
      XQuartz: Cleaned up command line arguments.
      XQuartz: Added localization.
      XQuartz: Handle Pseudorami init in miinitext
      XQuartz: Reduce code duplication in X11.app
      XQuartz: Use CFStringCreateWithCString
      XQuartz: *REALLY* use CFStringCreateWithCString
      XQuartz: Cleaned up color map configuration.
      XQuartz: Flush the debug log for easier debugging
      XQuartz: Fixed copyright in About box for 2008.  Happy New Year!
      XQuartz: Cleanup for strict-prototyping
      XQuartz: Fixed switching into XQuartz via expose.
      XQuartz: added 'login_shell' option to defaults
      XQuartz: Corrected copyright X.org Project -> X.org Foundation
      XQuartz: Fixed copy-paste error with login_shell commit
      XQuartz: Moved SetFrontProcess haco to set_front_process
      Rootless: RootlessEnsureFrame: Added check for !IsRoot
      XQuartz: Converted interface to nib 3.x format
      XQuartz: Added option for setting quartz-wm click-through preference
      XQuartz: Fixed layout of Applications->Customize menu
      XQuartz: Fixed EXTRA_DIST to include localization
      Fixed unescaped newline in EXTRA_DIST
      Added Xquartz.plist to EXTRA_DIST
      XQuartz: unsetenv("DISPLAY") before startx if X11.app can't connect to it.
      XQuartz: Quit now properly warns the user

Jernej Azarija (1):
      Bug #12531: RRModesForScreen can fail to allocate.

Julien Cristau (5):
      xfree86: Fix build on Linux/alpha.
      config: fix default xkb model (pc105, not keyboard)
      Get rid of the type1 font module.
      Document the AllowEmptyInput, AutoAddDevices and AutoEnableDevices flags
      Fix the name of the XFree86-Misc extension in the xorg.conf manpage.

Julien Goodwin (2):
      xorg.conf.man: Fix monitor/output confusion in monitor positioning
      Loader: Fix verbosity confusion

Jurij Smakov (1):
      GL: Add GLX compile flags lost in modular X server changes

Kanru Chen (1):
      Config: HAL: Fix XKB option parsing

Keith Packard (14):
      Ref count cursors used in hw/xfree86/modes code.
      Screen size changing should leave FB alone when X is inactive.
      Add XSERVER_LIBPCIACCESS to xorg-server.h when using libpciaccess
      [COMPOSITE] Composite used for pixmap population on redirect. (Bug #7447)
      Deliver correct event when releasing keys on VT switch.
      Rewrite miPaintWindow to draw to window pixmap.
      miPaintWindow draw to window for background.
      Try again to fix drawable and tile offsets in miPaintWindow
      Do not build hw/xfree86/os-support/bus/ix86Pci.c on Linux.
      KDRIVE_LOCAL_LIBS includes some system libraries, not just internal x server libs
      Make config file preferred mode override monitor preferred mode.
      Leave hardware-specified preferred modes alone when user preference exists.
      Don't frob timers unless SmartSchedule is running
      Re-add call to XFixesExtensionInit for static servers.

Kristian Høgsberg (30):
      exa: only setup offscreen allocator if driver doesn't provide CreatePixmap
      Update the AIGLX DRI loader to use the new DRI interface.
      Convert GLX module to use screen private indexes like everything else.
      Move hyperpipe and swapbarrier extension funcs to screen private struct.
      Implement damage reporting for AIGLX.
      Implment GLXPixmaps.
      Add dispatching for GLX_SGIX_pbuffer.
      Implement GLX pbuffers.
      Implement ChangeDrawableAttributes so we can support GLX_EVENT_MASK.
      Fix GLX byteswapping.
      Fix byte swapping for GetFBConfigs.
      Simplify and clean up GLX visual initialization.
      Drop VisualConfigPriv support from the DRI module.
      Separate handling of GLX visuals and GLX FBConfigs.
      Add code to set up GLX visuals and add one for the first double buffered FBConfig.
      Introduce a new "GlxVisuals" option that controls which visuals are added.
      Fix software GL to provide a list of supported fbconfigs like the DRI case.
      Make glx destroy path handle cases where the X window goes away first.
      Clean up unused pVisual part of __GLXcontext.
      Quiet glx visual debug info.
      Weed out some unused fluff from __GLXcontext.
      Change the GLX module to initialize after COMPOSITE.
      Set up visuals for the existing X visuals.
      Fix crash in xf86InitOrigins()
      Regenerate GLX dispatch code for recent gl_API.xml changes (#12935).
      Don't break grab and focus state for a window when redirecting it.
      Add DRI2 module.
      Add GLX provider for DRI2.
      GLX: Implement support for TTM BO based TFP when available.
      GLX: Adjust to changes in DRI driver interface.

Maarten Maathuis (5):
      Fix typo in commit b8b7cdf6df3d338c50db670ce4cfd245f9fa8844.
      Resize composite overlay window when the root window changes.
      Fix rotation for multi-monitor situation.
      EXA: Let the driver decide what repeat/extend types are supported.
      Fix big mistake in commit fd41f46ac62033a724bd1f4612f19448a21c1224.

Magnus Vigerlöf (5):
      dix: Always add valuator information if present
      Bug # 10324: dix: Allow arbitrary value ranges in GetPointerEvents
      Bug # 10324: dix: Add scaling of X and Y on the reported pointer-events
      dix: Skip call to clipAxis for relative core-events
      dix: Move motion history update until after screen crossing and clipping

Marius Gedminas (1):
      [RANDR] Compare only milliseconds of config time. (Bug #6502)

Mark Vytlacil (1):
      XFree86: Input: Save/restore errno around SIGIO (bug #10683)

Markku Vire (1):
      Config: HAL: Touchpads are pointers too

Matthias Hopf (15):
      Make mode checking more tolerant like in pre-RandR times.
      Drivers include miscstruct.h which requires pixman.h.
      Fix ids of ACPI events according to ACPI spec.
      Only issue XF86_APM_CAPABILITY_CHANGED for video change ACPI events (not e.g. brightness etc.).
      Get rid of unnecessary GNU extended variadic macro.
      Superfluous ','.
      Prefer configured DisplaySize to probed DDC data, if available.
      Nuke superfluous ",", added missing include for xf86i2c.h.
      Always duplicate mode name when duplicating a mode.
      Only clear crtc of output if it is the one we're actually working on.
      Adjust offsets of modes that do not fit virtual screen size.
      Fix initial placement of LeftOf and Above.
      Don't segfault if referring to a relative output where no modes survived.
      Initialize Mode with 0 in xf86RandRModeConvert.
      CVE-2007-6429: Always test for size+offset wrapping.

Matthieu Herrb (10):
      Remove an extra cast.
      Fix indentation.
      typo in comment
      Fix for CVE-2007-5760 - XFree86 Misc extension out of bounds array index
      Fix for CVE-2007-6427 - Xinput extension memory corruption.
      Fix for CVE-2007-6428 - TOG-cup extension memory corruption.
      Fix for CVE-2007-6429 - MIT-SHM and EVI extensions integer overflows.
      Fix for CVE-2008-0006 - PCF Font parser buffer overflow.
      xfree86: don't call xalloc from signal handlers when posting events.
      use UTILS_SYS_LIBS to pass SYS_LIBS to utils/ioports correctly

Michel Dänzer (42):
      __glXDRIbindTexImage: Fail if no texture bound to pixmap's texture target.
      EXA: Only mark offscreen memory as used when it really is.
      Export fbShmPutImage to modules.
      EXA: Improve ShmPutImage.
      exaGetImage: Don't migrate pixmap out of FB with no DownloadFromScreen hook.
      exaPolyFillRect: pGC->alu doesn't matter with a single rectangle.
      EXA: Migrate out pixmap in exaPrepareAccess.
      EXA: Track valid bits in Sys and FB separately.
      Add DamagePendingRegion.
      EXA: Support partial migration of pixmap contents between Sys and FB.
      EXA: Hide pixmap pointer outside of exaPrepare/FinishAccess whenever possible.
      EXA: Improvements for trapezoids and triangles.
      EXA: exaImageGlyphBlt improvements.
      EXA: Improvements for 1x1 pixmaps.
      EXA: RENDER improvements.
      EXA: Remove superfluous manual damage tracking.
      EXA: exaGetImage improvements.
      EXA: exa(Shm)PutImage improvements.
      EXA: Use exaShmPutImage for pushing glyphs to scratch pixmap in exaGlyphs.
      EXA: exaFillRegion{Solid,Tiled} improvements.
      EXA: Exclude bits that will be overwritten from migration in exaCopyNtoN.
      EXA: Don't crash in exaGetImage when swapped out.
      EXA: Make sure driver hooks get correct offscreen offsets from exaCopyDirty.
      Fix possible crash if Xv window is outside of either crtc
      EXA: Punt on fallback case not handled correctly in exaFillRegionTiled.
      EXA: Remove some clearly bogus code from exaCopyNtoN.
      EXA: Tile offscreen pixmap coordinate offsets are always 0.
      EXA: Make sure tile offsets passed to drivers are never negative.
      EXA: Punt for all fallbacks in exaFillRegion*.
      EXA: Remove bogus pitch checks.
      EXA: Disable 1x1 pixmap fill optimization for drivers that handle pixmaps.
      Always check the return value of __glXGetDrawable first.
      EXA: Don't attempt to move in pixmaps that can't be accelerated.
      EXA: Skip empty glyphs.
      GLX: Don't crash on unused client array members when switching to/from console.
      GLX: Fix leak of X pixmaps associated with GLX pixmaps.
      EXA: Disable problematic optimization of dest pixmap migration by default.
      DEFAULT_DPI was undefined here.
      Yet another Xv extension byte swapping fix.
      AIGLX: Fix GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap fallback with EXA.
      AIGLX: Refactor code common between __glXDRI{drawableDestroy,releaseTexImage}.
      AIGLX: Switch to server context for calling DamageDamageRegion().

Naoki Hamada (1):
      Input: Fix key down test (bug #12858)

Otavio Salvador (4):
      kdrive/fbdev: use operating system input devices
      kdrive/vesa: use operating system input devices
      kdrive/ati: use operating system input devices
      registry: XREGISTRY_UNKNOWN needs to be defined even if XREGISTRY isn't enabled

Otto Moerbeek (1):
      A high resolution device that's moving fast can potentially generate

Peter Harris (2):
      Add missing swaps in panoramiXSwap.c
      xf86misc.c: Avoid use of swapped values

Peter Hutterer (32):
      config: return BadValue to caller if add/remove doesn't have parameters.
      config: Use [config/dbus] consistently for error messages.
      xkb: Store the action filters per device in the XkbSrvInfoRec.
      Save processInputProc before wrapping it and restore it later, instead of
      xkb: enable XI event processing for xkb.
      dix: add XI event support to FixKeyState.
      dix: don't compress motion events from different devices (EventEnqueue)
      xkb: xkbHandleActions: let wrapping take care of event delivery.
      xkb: Unwrap properly in ProcessPointerEvent.
      xfree86: wrap keyboard devices for XKB.
      XKB: Generate correct key repeat events (bug #13114)
      Xi: set DeviceXXXState's length fields to the correct size of the struct.
      Xext: remove redefinition of Bool.
      Xi: specify correct struct when calculating size of GetDeviceControl reply.
      include: never overwrite realInputProc with enqueueInputProc. Bug #13511
      dix: set the correct number of valuators in valuator events.
      mi: change infamous "Tossed event ..." error for something more explanatory.
      config: add a debug message, fix a whitespace error.
      config: only shutdown libhal if the connection is valid.
      config: check connection != NULL before getting dbus' dispatch status.
      config: don't reset connection info on disconnect.
      xfree86: fix AlwaysCore handling. (Bug #14256)
      xkb: don't update LEDs if they don't exist. (Bug #13961)
      dix: print out event type if a bogus pointer event occurs.
      xfree86: stick two more checks in for num_valuators < MAX_VALUATORS
      mi: Only UpdateSpriteForScreen if we actually changed the screen. (Bug #12650)
      xkb: when copying sections, make sure num_rows is set too.
      xkb: when copying the keymap, make sure the structs default to 0/NULL.
      xfree86: guard against NULL-pointer dereferences in xf86LoadModules.
      Revert "xfree86: plug a memory leak in xf86LoadModules."
      dix: set dev->key to NULL after freeing it in CloseDevice. (Bug #12830)
      Xi: swap the control attached to a ChangeDeviceControl request. Bug #14170

Pierre Willenbrock (2):
      EXA: Fix off-by-one in polyline drawing.
      AIGLX: Fix crash after client using GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap died.

Rich Coe (2):
      OS: Connection: Don't shut down disappeared clients (bug #7876)
      OS: Connection: Keep trying select while it gets interrupted (bug #9240)

Richard Purdie (1):
      [Kdrive] make XCalibrate 'orientation aware'

Sam Lau (1):
      Sun bug 6278039: Xevie checking wrong size in swapped XevieSelectInput requests

Samuel Thibault (1):
      xfree86: permit access to io port 0xffff on the hurd

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (2):
      Require pixman 0.9.5; Use pixman_image_set_source_clipping() to fix
      Revert "Revert "Require pixman 0.9.5; Use pixman_image_set_source_clipping() to fix"" since the pixman changes have been pushed now.

Tiago Vignatti (10):
      For some reason "-nozap" appeared twice. Weird.
      Fix Xephyr compilation without GLX.
      Removed some warnings.
      Clean some garbage caused when pciaccess was merged:
      No more "-scanpci" given that we already have it in libpciaccess.
      remove lnxPciInit() unused function.
      Some doc clean up:
      Jesus, pciInit() was called 32 times in my machine without need!
      Fine, we don't need pciInit() anymore. Nuke, nuke, nuke...
      Oops, there's one more parenthesis.

Tilman Sauerbeck (8):
      Initialize output->pendingProperties.
      Removed hw/xwin/winpntwin.c from Makefile.am.
      EXA: Added missing exaPrepare/FinishAccess calls in ExaCheckPushPixels.
      EXA: Fixed compiler warnings.
      EXA: Check ABI compatibility earlier.
      EXA: Added pitch limitations.
      EXA: Removed duplicated exaGetDrawablePixmap() calls.
      EXA: Added back the maxPitchPixels initialization code.

Tormod Volden (1):
      Bug #12932: Use DEFAULT_DPI in randr1.2 instead of hardcoded 96.

liuhong (2):
      fix max clock unit
      validate mode clock for probed modes

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