April distribution release: radeon or radeonhd for r500 / r600 cards?

JoJo jojo onetwojojo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 20:41:10 PST 2008

for r500/r600 radeonhd is more mature,
support in radeon is still pretty new.

once we go past the maturity aspect, you may choose

stability Vs. features
(radeonHD Vs. radeon)


On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 7:41 AM, Adam Williamson
<awilliamson at mandriva.com> wrote:
> Hi, all. We are releasing Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring in early April. For
>  my sins, I maintain Mandriva's graphics card -> driver mappings (a big
>  list of PCI IDs with matching drivers, more or less).
>  Question is this: should we use radeonhd or radeon as our default free
>  driver for r500 / r600 chips? Now r500 / r600 support has been added to
>  radeon I am unclear on the picture here. Are these two efforts competing
>  or collaborating? Is one or the other clearly the sensible choice?
>  I understand the difference in approach between them - the use of
>  AtomBIOS - but what we're principally interested in is the sheer
>  practical question of which is going to produce the most usable results
>  for the most r500 / r600 owners, in the version in which we ship them.
>  The decision is purely for this release and can easily be changed in
>  future if the situation changes.
>  As things stand we would ship with version 6.8.0 of ati (radeon). We
>  currently have a January 27th git snapshot of radeonhd; depending on
>  some feedback I'm waiting for from users, and / or the response I get to
>  this post, this snapshot could be updated.
>  I don't have any r500 / r600 cards here. I have asked all MDV
>  development branch users with such cards for their feedback, but that's
>  not really comprehensive and the results so far give no clear indication
>  in favour of either driver.
>  Thanks for any input anyone can offer.
>  --
>  adamw
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