i810 driver for tv out

Dirk Thierbach dthierbach at gmx.de
Wed Mar 5 14:10:03 PST 2008

On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 11:08:39AM +0100, Matteo Manzinello wrote:
> I have test a nvtv software, when start show some information about not
> supported driver CH7009 features but if I select a tv-out with NTSC it's work
> in TV full screen, but if select a PAL (Italy TV) I have a black border.

Ah. I'm the author of nvtv, and it's cool to see that it actually works
(at least to some degree) on hardware I had never access to :-)

The CH7009 only has a very limited set of modes. As there was no way
to test, I didn't put all these modes in the database, so it's
probable there's another mode which won't result in a black border on
your TV.

> I have only a problem, I don't have a screen in the center on TV. Is it
> possibile with another software move screen?

It should actually be possible with nvtv. Please contact me directly
by email, and tell me how many modes you see in nvtv for PAL 
(probably 3). If you already want to experiment, select AutoApply and
change the "HSyncStart" value on the "I810 Regs" page, and/or "hpr" on
the "CH Regs1" page, and see what happens. The image should move
horizontally on the screen if everything works.

In any case, I think the rest of the X developers list is probably
not interested in the details :-)

> Eric Anholt wrote:

> However, the Chrontel specs are open, so anybody who wanted to write
> a driver for it for xf86-video-intel could, and they would have the
> opportunity to control overscan and other options in the way that
> the old pre-2.0 driver couldn't.

We already talked about the problem that unless there's some more
flexible way to specify modelines with other values than the standard
ones, the best one could do here is a very ugly hack, or one could
fall back on a number of fixed modes like the closed source drivers
do. That might be ok for the Chrontel chips, but not for the others.
And as long as both this infrastructure is missing and I have no
hardware to test on, either, the incentive for me to do the work isn't
very high :-)

- Dirk

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