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Wed Mar 5 14:57:41 PST 2008

On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 12:55:56 +1100
Graeme Gill <graeme2 at> wrote:

> But there is no need for late binding at the low system level. Doing
> the binding (== device profile linking) at the high system/graphics
> API level is fine.

I'm not intimately familiar with the technical details, but from a user
perspective I would expect that I create a colour profile for a monitor
and then everything is colour corrected on that monitor. I guess I
wouldn't get that result if I had to depend on every single GUI toolkit
to implement colour matching. If a window is displayed on multiple
outputs, either in full or partially, I would also expect it to be
colour corrected on each output. Now I'm not sure if that is at all
possible with the current architecture, as the window would have to be
rendered independently for each output, but it sure would be nice.
Anyway, you couldn't achieve this at the application level. 

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