multiseat with xserver 1.4.0

Eugene roginovicci at
Wed Mar 5 00:27:15 PST 2008

Having new feature added (autodetection with Hal/Dbus) I have lost the 
multi-seat configuration here. Using Xorg 7.1 it was qute easy to configure 
system with both X servers running (Seat0 and Seat1) at the same time. These 
was using double set of video, keyboards and mice, so there was two fully 
functionality working places. Input devices was separated with evdev driver. 
Now it seems that evdev hav only one Option left - Option "Device" all other 
(like Option "Phys" Option "Name") are gone. It seems that detection of what 
input device is goes through Hal daemon. That's would be fine, but there is 
one big trouble I can't resolve without your help. How could I force Seat0 
layout X server to work with only one keyboard at the time with autodetection 
on. Is there option in Hal configuration file I can adjust to Xserver 
understood that with the define layout (Seat0) it should use Keyboard1 and 
for other layout (Seat1) it would be using only Keyboard2. This is option in 
server layout section      InputDevice "Keyboard1" "CoreKeyboard". But Using 
auto detection I can't say which is Keyboard1. Is it possible multiseat whit 

Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks to all readers.
Sincerely, Eugene 

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