XReparentWindow: How to reparent windows that belong to other processes?

Peter Harris peter.harris at hummingbird.com
Tue Mar 4 07:17:31 PST 2008

Thomas Schindler wrote:
> Here is the situation:
> Two Linux applications, a container [1] and a client [2]. The 
> container is a simple application it's soul purpose is to embed the main 
> window of the client app. How can that be properly achieved with X Windows?

As you wrote in your subject line, XReparentWindow.

> Are there any demo/sample applications that perhaps do something like 
> this already? 

Any and every window manager. twm, mwm, wmx, Matacity, Sawfish, and 
others all have source code available.

See also: http://standards.freedesktop.org/xembed-spec/xembed-spec-0.5.html

Peter Harris

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