[RFC] don't DPMS off outputs & crtcs from server

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Mon Mar 3 16:01:18 PST 2008

This stuff doesn't quite work (due to what may be unrelated reasons) but I 
wanted to get it out there for comment.

Currently, the server disables every CRTC and output at SetDesiredModes time 
to make sure that the hardware is in a known state prior to actually going 
off to set the configuration desired.  Having a known state is good, but due 
to the DPMS off calls, there's unnecessary flicker and delay at server 
startup time.

This patch removes those calls, and relies on the driver to properly get the 
CRTC and output configuration (mapping & enabled status, see followup mail) 
so that the server's SetDesiredModes call will work correctly w/o the DPMS 

The patch also requires an ABI bump (not included), since drivers will need to 
do this to avoid potential crashes...

Any thoughts on this?

Now to hack up the randr ->get_property hook.

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