Xephyr for multiterminal

davor emard davoremard at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 00:43:41 PST 2008


To use Xephyr efficiently for multiterminal I think several
commandline options are needed:

-display :0.1
-geometry 640x800+640+0
-mouse wheel support for evdev or mouse

-display seems not implemented so we have to wrap Xephyr in
some script that modifies DISPLAY:0.1 environment variable.

-display patch has been posted in this mailing list and it works
don't know if it will be soon in git repository

-mouse wheen support on linux is long time missing.

-mouse evdev,,device=/dev/input/event9

mouse works but not the wheel and no extra buttons other
than first 3 buttons.
xev shows some bogus activity on pressing other buttons and
rotating wheel but not big, complete button event report as
produced by first 3 buttons

Maybe mouse driver is also candidate for working but I couldnt get it
work, trying things like doesn't work at all saying like driver mouse
doesn't exist

-mouse mouse,,device=/dev/input/mouse1

Can someone fix it from evdev (preferrably) or mouse
(in case evdev fix is too cumbersome) Xephyr's driver

Best regards, Davor

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