GSoC CM collaboration

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at
Sun Mar 2 10:08:08 PST 2008

Is here interesst to implement something with colour management in or 
above X during the GSoC?

As I am not a Xorg programmer, I can offer only help in the colour 
management details. Supposedly the main part would be for a Xorg 
experienced mentor and of course the student involved.

Already available is some information about X colorimetry by a profile 
atom. Oyranos is soon releasing a C framework for plugable moduls. I am 
just about learning git. Thus GPU acceleration seems not so far away.

My major concern are multi monitor systems, with obviously different 
colorimetry. A laptop with an external monitor is a good example. Both
monitor devices can display colours to some degree satisfactory. But a 
precondition is clear placing the colour transformation onto the right 
monitor plane. My guess is, a layer near X will best know about such 
geometric details.

Is this something feasible? What are the preconditions to be meet for such 
a collaboration?

kind regards
Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management +

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