Preventing screensaver when playing movie?

Erik esigra at
Sun Mar 2 08:19:49 PST 2008

Graeme Gill skrev:
> (such as xscreensaver and the gnome screensaver) don't hook into the X11 screensaver functions.

You have reported those bugs, right? Please post the links here so 
others can subscribe.

> [Yes, I've got a steadily growing set of stuff my code has to do
>   to stop screensavers spoiling things, mostly involving doing
>   periodic execlp()'s to run various magic commands that
>   the screensavers do take notice of. It's a mess compared
>   to other platforms.

*shudder* Do not do that! Just cut that cruft out of your code and call 
XResetScreenSaver. Both MPlayer and SDL did that already.

If YOU want to fix gnome-screensaver bugs, do it in gnome-screensaver 
and not in all media players and what not out there! Or just wait for 
the gnome people to get their act together. Send any complaining 
gnome-screensaver users over to gnome-screensaver.

> dbus may eventually fix it.

No it will not. dbus is not a depencendy of X11. So we can not depend on 
dbus for the basic functionality of X11. (Screensavers belong to the 
basic functinality of X11.) The only way to fix gnome-screensaver is to 
fix gnome-screensaver. There is no way around that.

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