Missing output drivers. - how to debug?

Bart Trojanowski bart at jukie.net
Sat Mar 1 13:40:28 PST 2008

* Dan Naughton <daniel.naughton at gmail.com> [080222 10:56]:
> I've been at this for most of the night, if someone can point me in
> the right direction, I'm out of ideas.  This is an Geode LX800
> Motherboard with the VGA output.  Using the "amd" driver locks up the
> computer every time.   The "vesa" driver is better, it just hangs the
> display :)  I figured I would go back to Xorg - configure and see if I
> can get that working.

Hi Dan,

Sorry I don't read the list often.  Have you resolved your issue?

The fix for the freeze is likely in my x86emu patches.  See this


I would like to hear from you if this fixes the issue, because the two
patches that fix the freeze have not been picked up for upstream.



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