1920x1200 on 965G / P5B-VM

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Sat Mar 1 10:25:15 PST 2008

Le duodi 12 ventôse, an CCXVI, Marius Gedminas a écrit :
> The older Intel video driver (i810) had problems with non-4/3
> resolutions.  The new driver (intel) works fine.

Thanks for the precision.

> Could be the OS prefers a mode with a larger refresh rate

That could be it, since it is indeed the best resolution at best refresh

I was pretty sure I had read somewhere that the default was to select the
highest resolution, and then the highest refresh rate for this resolution,
but I can not find it. I will try to add a PreferredMode option the next
time I restart my X11 server.

> Or it could be a GNOME setting

At least, I am sure it is no such thing: I do all my configuration with a
text editor, and test it by starting the Xorg server alone. Much less bad
surprises that way.

Thanks for your advice.


  Nicolas George

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