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David De La Harpe Golden david.delaharpe.golden at
Mon Jun 30 21:00:04 PDT 2008

David De La Harpe Golden wrote:

> I'd say that would depend on the how "busy" the vector icon is and the
> quality of the renderer.  It's certainly _possible_

Attached please find (not sure it'll get through to the list)

folder_html16x16i.png -  16x16 *untweaked* .png export from inkscape of
the well-known crystal [1] theme html-folder .svg icon. Not a complete

folder_html16x16s.png - 16x6 from a 32x33 [source svg not quite square I
guess] export from inkscape passed through sublcd for some simple
subpixel improvement (for viewing on usual horiz. rgb-order lcd screen).
Quite noticeably better than the non-subpixel one.

folder_html16x16t.png -  16x16 from a 256x261 export from inkscape,
contrast-boosted in gimp by 10 whatever-the-heck-the-gimp-units-mean
then resized with gimp to 32x33, then passed through sublcd.

I'd be willing to concede that the more stylised 2D folder bitmap image
(as IIRC actually used in the crystal theme at 16x16 ish, visible in
[1]) is clearer from a UI perspective than any of those naively scaled
icons, but the attached files aren't _terrible_.

But wait! in principle that the 2D folder bitmap image need not have
been a bitmap image - the primary reason it's clearer at low res is
because it's less "busy", not because it's a bitmap. An alternative
_vector_ icon in 2D style could have been supplied for the lores
display, that could essentially match the 16x16 icon for clarity
(especially given hinting...), AND would have the advantage of rendering
at 15x15, 17x17, 18x18 and so on.

(Hmm. even on a hi-res display, people's unaided visual system has
limits.  So the less "busy" icon might still be preferred below a
certain _physical_ size [and viewing distance of course] too.)


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